Killing – Face The Madness

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Reviewed: September, 2021
Released: August 13, 2021, Mighty Music
Rating: 4.5/5.0
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

Thrash metal is one of my favorite genres and I have loved it since the 80s. The energy as well as some of the fiercest riffs in metal; it’s the fret work that makes it that way. So many of the originators of the genre have strayed from that formula that thrash is pretty much a commodity now. Denmark’s Killing is a modern band that plays real thrash metal. Formed in 2013 they have an EP and two singles before unleashing FACE THE MADNESS, their debut full length. Not sure what I was expecting but from the moment I put this album on I was floored at the sheer madness going on here. I think I found my new favorite thrash band!

Now, from the name of the band all the way down to the crushing opener, “Kill Everyone,” one might think this is one of those bands to not take seriously but I am here to assure you, these guys are the real deal. The opener is two minutes of sheer brutality but there are some tongue in cheek moments, like the final seconds are the vocalist sounding like he was choking. Speaking of the vocalist, his vocals are this cool mix of Coroner’s Ron Royce and Destruction’s Schmier shrieks and it’s brilliant. The chorus of “Before Violence Strikes” reminds of something from Coroner and it is the first time I have heard any Coroner in any of the modern or old school thrash and at that moment I knew these guys were no parody, they were here to make thrash metal. They may not be bringing anything new to the table, but that is just fine. Just the thrash, man!

“See You In Hell,” is a classic metal song that most old school metalheads look on with great nostalgia. However….this is not that song. Instead this is a crushing riff fest that just slays from beginning to end! This is a great way to do a classic song title some justice.  I also need to mention another beast of a song, “Straight Out of Kattegat.” Fans of the TV show “Vikings” would know that name and as way off actual history the show was, the Kattegat exists in that area and this song honoring their area of the world is absolutely brilliant. The album closer is one of the strongest songs on the album. Going in more of an epic direction and not as fast and brutal, this song shows the layers that make up this band….there’s more here than meets the eye.

All in all this was a refreshing burst of pure adrenaline. From beginning to end FACE THE MADNESS was uncompromising thrash. This is one really strong debut album and I’m really interested to follow this band’s career. Running a close second to Artillery, Denmark now has two major thrash bands! Essential thrash!!


Line Up:
Jesper Skousen – Drums
Snade – Guitar
Rasmus Holm Sørensen – Guitar
Rasmus Soelberg – Vocals, Bass

Track Listing:
1. Kill Everyone
2. Before Violence Strikes
3. Don’t Get Mad, Get Evil
4. See You In Hell
5. Legion Of Hate
6. Straight Out Of Kattegat
7. One Last Victim
8. 1942
9. Killed In Action

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