In the Company of Serpents – Lux

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Reviewed: September 2021
Released: 2021, Petrichor (original release: 2020)
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Kieron Hayes

In the Company of Serpents’ fourth full-length was initially a self-release last year, but is now seeing a fresh issue by Petrichor. Listening to it now, you can easily hear how it caught the label’s attention; this is quality material that easily deserves such a release.

In style, these boys treat us with a bit of a sludge/stoner mix, melding the rough vocals and grime of the former with the catchy grooves of the latter. The end result is infectious, each riff immediately demanding you headbang along, while also maintaining a solid heaviness to satisfy any hungry doomster. Just listen to that absolutely rock solid groove in “Archonic Manipulations”, topped with gruff, throaty vocals that put the listener in mind of Kirk Windstein or Matt Pike. Not that the vocals are nothing but aggression, as “The Chasm at the Mouth of the All” treats us to some delightfully sensual Moonspell-esque whispers. Tasty stuff.

The spices that help Lux stand out beyond its conventional qualities are the dashes of some more progressive influences seeping through here and there. It’s of the decidedly heavy variety, a touch psychedelic and out there, but always crushing. Elements like the rhythms of “Scales of Maat” or the djent-ish chugs of “The Fool’s Journey” put one in mind of Gojira or Meshuggah, and that’s no bad thing.

There’s plenty to satisfy listeners here, from the way “Prima Materia”‘s immersive acoustic strumming explosively gives way to ballsy stoner doom, to “Lightchild” taking us on a trippy adventure into space while busting out riffing straight out of Finnish melodeath. All told, Lux is a fantastic investment for those who like their music forcefully heavy yet with something to offer beyond just that.

Band line-up:

J. P. Damron – Drums
Ben Pitts – Guitars, bass
Grant Netzorg – Guitars, vocals


1.) The Fool’s Journey
2.) Scales of Maat
3.) Daybreak
4.) The Chasm at the Mouth of the All
5.) Lightchild
6.) Archonic Manipulations
7.) Nightfall
8.) Prima Materia