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ground-force tree of lifeReviewed: August, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Ground-Force is a power metal band born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It began to take shape in 2017 and, after a lot of work and excellent planning, the group finally presented in mid-August their debut album: TREE OF LIFE (2021), a work of great sound and excellent production, which makes us see how much has advanced the scene in that country.

Ground-Force is a perfectly planned project that took enough time to deliver a quality work. TREE OF LIFE has an excellent production; the sound is very well captured, mixed and mastered.

To this we must add that its members managed to compose very interesting pieces of great variety, since we can hear from ballad-type tones like “Forever Gone”, to calm and interesting compositions like “The Watchers” and the always necessary powerful songs like “The Tree. of Life “.

As if that were not enough, along with its great musical quality, Ground-Force decided to tell a story and create a whole universe around its album. This is a great detail because it makes the project shine from different perspectives and makes TREE OF LIFE one of the most pleasant surprises that this summer has given us.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the enormous success that the band had in making two versions of the album: one in English and the other in their native language. This movement allows us to see that the band is aware of the existence of its local scene, but also does not lose sight of expanding its reach globally.


ground force lineupLine-up

Bass- B.Ahmed Rahi
Guitars- Rifat Rahman
Guitars- Sazzad Arefeen
Vocals- Ehsan Rahman Zia
Drums- Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo



1. Tree of Life (6:34)
2. Song of Earth (5:58)
3. Spear of Light (5:39)
4. Forever Gone (5:58)
5. The Watchers (6:55)
6. The Great Flood (7:16)
7. The Archangel (5:44)


1. Jibonbrikkho (6:34)
2. Prithibir Gaan (5:58)
3. Shottojoddhya (5:39)
4. Shomadhi (5:58)
5. Rokkhok (6:55)
6. Mohaplabon (7:16)
7. Azrael (5:44 )



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