Crisix – The Pizza E.P.

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Crisix – The Pizza E.P.
Reviewed: September 2021
Released: 2021, Listenable Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Sometimes all a band needs to break through is the right gimmick. Talent obviously matters, of course, but there are loads of talented bands out there who never come close to reaching their audience potential. So when I saw an ad for THE PIZZA E.P. in an unnamed heavy metal monthly periodical, I thought to myself, “huh, pizza metal, funny” and moved on with my day. And then I received the promo for Crisix’ pizza themed album in my inbox. Coincidence? Cosmic fluke? So of course I caved and gave it a spin.

And it’s a surprisingly fun and competent collection of thrash metal tunes. Not revolutionary, but the 4 tracks boom with high velocity riffs, gang chants, and pit worthy moments that make for a surprisingly entertaining listen. Moments like “No Tip for the Kid” and “Raptors in the Kitchen” hint at more new school, Municipal Waste-esque inspiration, while “World Needs Mosh” and “It’s Tough to Cook a Song” are absolute neckbreakers in the classic Exodus/Overkill/Anthrax stomp kind of vein. Packaged at a tight 12 minutes, THE PIZZA E.P. is a breeze to enjoy end to end, and I’ll admit that I’ve hit replay more than a few times since my first listen.

And while THE PIZZA E.P. may not be the most socially conscious or thought provoking album of the year, it absolutely succeeded in piquing my curiosity about Crisix’ back catalog, which also turns out to be pretty enjoyable as well. So call that a win for Crisix.

If you like thrash and you like pizza (and who doesn’t, amirite??), give yourself a break from the chaos that seems to envelope our lives on a daily basis and find a few minutes to spin THE PIZZA E.P. It’s a quality thrash metal distraction that will leave you hungry for more…


Track List:
1. No Tip for the Kid
2. World Needs Mosh
3. Raptors in the Kitchen
4. It’s Tough to Cook a Song


Javi Carrión – Drums
Marc Busqué “Busi”- Guitars
Albert Requena – Guitars
Julián Baz – Vocals
Pla Vinseiro – Bass

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