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The raging pandemic made the organization of Steelfest postpone the event twice in a row. That didn’t prevent them from carrying out a b-plan regarding arranging a fest during the pandemic era. As known, the Finnish extreme metal scene lives and well, as a result the Steelfest hordes went on when all the restrictions were basically negligible and put the stage up and brought bands in. The two-day fest included several black metal names of the Finnish scene. The whole event was carried out under a different moniker Steelhordes whereas Steelfest will triumphantly return next May 2022 !


The Norhermost extreme metal messengers Bonehunter pulled out and was replaced by Kalmankantaja. The band’s gloomy and melancholic black metal welcomed people to the black metal mass of two days. Kalmankantaja’s dark gloomy black metal sounded splendid and grim. The singer’s cave and ritualistic elements created the ceremonial atmosphere. Seeing Kalmankantaja more in a darkened environment would justify the approach of Kalmankantaja’s black metal.

Warmoon Lord was definitely one of the most interesting acts of the day. The combo is basically run by Lord Vrăjitor having recruited a full band for Steelhordes. Warmoon Lord’s epic and battle-oriented black metal sounded amazing and capturing. The band’s latest opus titled BATTLESPELLS offers a mesmerizing blackish metal. The band succeeded to bring the battle feeling of the same kind into the live sounds. Highly recommended band for sure

After a few epic black metal combos, Lie In Ruins presented the more esoteric barbaric death metal. The raw and barbaric sounds roared out of speakers when the four-piece created the brutalized riffs and sounds. Lie In Ruins’ raw death metal didn’t compromise anything, as it was a pure onslaught thru the whole set.

The black metal hordes Sargeist faced some unexpected technical problems ruining several minutes of their set. After getting rid of the technical problems, Sargeist continued the ritualistic performance. The band’s black metal hymns echoed in the catacombs of the old wool factory. The five-piece however managed to perform several songs like “Let The Devil In” opening the gig, “Death’s Empath” and finally “Satanic Black Devotion” concluding the blasphemous ritual. All in all nine tracks for played even though hassles occurred in the beginning.

Originally the German thrash metal veterans were supposed to headline the first day, but were forced to cancel because of the logistic hassles. The list of canceled artists continues when Satanic Warmaster and Bonehunter withdrew. However replacements were found in the very last minute. Havukruunu had the honor to conclude the first day. The band was booked to replace Destruction in the very last minute. Whatsoever Havukruunu came and conquered the festival crow with heathenism and shamanism. The four-piece pagan whatever metallers had relied on more traditional dress code stud, jacket, than most of the blackened musicians totally armed to the teeth with the various spikes, belts and leather and of course corpsepaint. The frontman’s relentless and enthusiastic performance just showed the band had waited for ages to get back on the stage. Havukruunu sounded truly tight and epic.


Malum opened the second day by kicking the black mass of their own off. Being the first and opening band of the day could be the most ungrateful place for anyone. The Malum guys seemed not to be bothered by, instead of letting the blasphemous hymns roll out. The singer was totally armed to the teeth by the spikes and nails. However Malum’s blackish delivery worked splendidly under the crystal clear sky. Remember to check out their latest masterpiece DEVILS CREATION

The three-piece Morgal has always been an extreme nihilistic and barbaric live band. The combo didn’t show any kind of mercy or slow down. No speeches, Three words describe their music : nihilism, barbarism, brutalism. The whole gig was so raw and uncompromising that Morgal is known for. Go and check out Morgal if looking for the real insane raw and chaotic stuff.

Chamber Of Unlight is another great act of the Finnish strong black metal scene. The line-up features members of other Finnish extreme metal names. However, the symphonic elements were the essential part of the sounds of Chamber Of Unlight. The frontman’s grim harsh vocals sounded evil, haunted and possessed. His vocals were backed up by the eccentric background vocals of the keyboard players. The band definitely had some melodic parts, songs ain’t straightforward played grimness in the most brutal way.

Perdition Winds hit the stage after Chamber Of UnLight. The line-up included a few members from Lie In Ruins and was fronted by the frontman of Grave Violator. The band stands for the amazing underground scene of the Finnish Black metal along with several other bands playing at the fest. The band offered the blackish ritual performance with the full armed to the teeth gear. During the 60-minute Perdition Winds offered both barbaric as well as eerie sounding black metal and created the chilling darkened atmosphere. The latest opus titled TRANSCENDENT EMPTINESS came out four years ago, therefore it would be about time to have a new album out.

Even though the roster of the Steelhordes was dominated by the black metal onslaught, but at least a pure death metal outfit with the “sadistic torture dismembered bodies lyrics was a perfect welcomed choice, to be honest. Torture Killer unleashed the pure killing torturing set of the deadly death metal with the intensive and pulverizing grip and approach. As far as the list is concerned, the 60-minute lesson of the sadistic death metal was kicked off by “Phobia” and was followed by “Forever Dead”, “Written In Blood” and several other killer tunes.  The band sounded extremely brutal, deadly.. Needless to say, but they truly kicked the ass. Every piece just clicked together.

Horna was the last act of the fest to conclude the two-day extreme metal extravaganza. The long-time Finnish black metal horde once again proved to be one of the rawest, yet dark and atmospheric black metal bands combining all the elements together perfectly. The frontman’s metaphoric speeches between songs introduced each song in the most chilling eerie way. Even though the band’s raw approach sounded grim black metal, but the different kinds of elements can be heard in the sound of their black metal onslaught. However they haven’t given up any inch, just sounding as grim and barbaric as Horna is supposed to sound.  Horna was the perfect choice for the headliner of the two extreme metal vaganza days.

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