Magnum – Kingdom of Madness (Vinyl)

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Kingdom of Madness (Vinyl)
2021, Renaissance Records
Rating: 4.5


This re-issue is my introduction to Magnum. I have heard the name for years but never searched out the albums to hear the music until now. This new vinyl pressing by Renaissance Records was a fantastic introduction to this Classic Progressive Rock band.

The packaging is wonderful with a nice glossy gatefold cover. The vinyl itself is flat, but most importantly, it’s quiet. Out of the sleeve all I did was a dry clean with a goat hair brush and I was ready to to put the needle in the groove. The sound of the music was great. I cannot tell if this is an analog cut or a digital one. I am leaning toward the latter as there is a slight lack of the warmth that comes with an all analogue cut. Don’t get me wrong, this record still sounds great, Being my introduction to hearing the band I was expecting more of that warm 70’s sound. Not having a huge knowledge or familiarity of Progressive Rock, this album to me should rank up there with some of the more well known and highly regarded titles. After doing a little research it seems as this one looks to be a hidden gem as in the few articles that I read the album, and band for that matter seemed to be all but ignored. Each and every song on the record is an enjoyable listen for us Rock fans while maintaining enough musical complexity for the Progressive fans. It balances the line perfectly.

This may be my only Magnum album at the moment but it will not be my last. If the remainder of the catalogue is like this I will be adding them to my collection over time. Great songs, excellent musicianship all with a nice mix and mastering. A fine release that I recommend.