Interview with Robert of Ignitor!

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Interview with Robert of Ignitor!



Tell us what has been going on in the IGNITOR camp?    

We have a new record “The Golden Age of Black Magick” out on Metal-On-Metal Records and we’re finally able to play out again, so we’re really excited about that. Our current set-list has stuff from almost every album, all heavy hitters, all guns on deck!

How did the new IGNITOR “Live… Before The Plague” album come about?

We were playing a festival at this club with really good room acoustics and a good friend of the band recorded a board feed of our entire set with professional gear and then sent it to us a month or two later. Then the pandemic hit and our new studio album “The Golden Age of Black Magick”  came out on Metal-On-Metal Records that Halloween and was doing pretty good for itself and we couldn’t play out to promote it but we had filmed a couple of videos for the new record and beyond that it was like “Well? What now?” and then we remembered that we had the live recording and it had several songs off of “The Golden Age of Black Magick” on it so we decided to release our live album and we’re really happy with how it turned out!

Also there’s a studio recording of a cover we did of “Virgin Killer” by Scorpions at the end of “Live… Before The Plague”.  As a CD collector I feel like that’s an additional selling point right there! Jason kills it! So good… I’m very proud if it.

I understand that you guys are about to perform your first post-pandemic gig in late July. Are you worried what that might look like?  Do you feel a bit rusty or have you been keeping up your chops?

We have been rehearsing and preparing for our first shows back after this whole pandemic situation and we follow a pretty intense practice regimen so we don’t have to worry about showing up rusty or whatever. It will be well executed with precision, murder on sight, face-melting, screaming heavy metal madness!

Then we’ll go to Houston in late August for a show with our friends Cage and then we have stuff booked in September! It’s shaping up to be one hell of a heavy summer for IGNITOR! We’ve missed everyone…

Is there anything currently on the horizon for the Texas Metal Outlaws? 

There’s some unreleased music that I hope to have pressed and out soon. Beyond that I’m not sure. That project has been a dream come true, to work with all of those incredible musicians. I’m very, very proud of the Texas Metal Outlaws vinyl and CD and to be honest with you that was an extremely ambitious project that took a lot of scheduling and coordinating and collaboration and TOTALLY would not have been possible without my partner in crime Stuart Laurence and his contributions to that project and when the pandemic hit as you can imagine it made that whole concept of bringing musicians into the studio a bit more challenging and on top of that I have been very blessed and am the father of two infant twin boys! So I’m enjoying being a dad and I’m not saying that another Outlaws record is impossible but I’m thinking the timing isn’t right now (beyond an EP)

Right now my musical ambition is mostly devoted to contributing killer fucking riffs to IGNITOR and finishing a recording with WITCHES MARK. The third WITCHES MARK album has been a long time coming and is undoubtedly the most powerful thing we have ever done, hands down. It grabbed me by the arms and pulled me out of a few pandemic cabin fevers and kept my interests strong in the secrets of steel and sorcery. You just wait!

Are you guys still trying to promote the last IGNITOR album?  It only came out in late 2020 but it seems like ages ago.    How was the album received?  

Our record label Metal-On-Metal Records has been really instrumental in helping us promote the release abroad. It’s been great working with them. I was already familiar with their immaculate dedication to packaging and enhanced bonus content and superb taste in heavy metal before we signed with them by owning CD’s from bands like Skelator, Meliah Rage, Midnight Idols, Nomad Son, and Outrage to name a few. It’s been awesome seeing them introduce IGNITOR into European markets and we hope we can continue to work together!

As far as I know the album was received very well! There will be a vinyl version of “The Golden Age of Black Magick” that will be arriving in the fall! Stay tuned!

Is there anything else we should know?

No.  Thank You for the interview, JP