A Metal-Rules.com Premiere: Cult Burial “Parasite”

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It is under the gray cloud of the past year that enigmatic blackened death-doom collective, Cult Burial, was born. Today they reveal their crushing new single “Parasite”.

Despite their doom roots, Cult Burial is anything but slow moving. Having formed in early 2020 in London the project rapidly developed, with the group starting from scratch and finishing an EP and an album within four months. The result is a punishingly heavy record that seeks to draw some of the darkest elements from the textures and atmospheres of less heavy music. This desire for crushing sounds has driven Cult Burial to the next demented level, setting them distinctly apart from many of their contemporaries.

The project formed when mastermind Simon accidentally acquired a baritone guitar after a heavy night of drinking. Within days he fell in love with the incredibly heavy sounds of the instrument and found some collaborators to work with. Quickly they pieced together their head turning debut EP, Sorrow.

After releasing their critically acclaimed debut last year, Cult Burial seeks to continue to plumb the depths of the human experience. This project is the sort of DIY experience that fuels the underground. It is ambitious, powerful and one of a kind. Now, Cult Burial are wallowing in the murk, conjuring new madness and waiting for their next chance to strike.

Lyrics and vocals by César Moreira
Music by Simon Langford
Additional guitars by Felipe Grüber


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