Sepultura – SepulQuarta

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Sepultura – SepulQuartaSepultura
August 2021
August 13th, 2021 / Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

“While the pandemic paralyzed the entire world and prevented bands from touring, Latin America’s biggest metal export SEPULTURA refused to sit back and act like an animal trapped in a cage. Like the flowers growing out of the deceased bird’s body depicted on the stunning colorful cover artwork by Eduardo Recife, the thrash metal pioneers from Belo Horizonte made good use of their unexpected free time to start a project that kept them busy throughout the entirety of 2020.”

It has been some time since I have listened to a Sepultura album. I have not had a chance really to hear their past couple of releases at all. Right at the pandemic, Sepultura released a new studio album, QUADRA, in February 2020. Like many artists, when the shit hit the fan, they all had to come up with something to do. For Sepultura, it was a series of videos and jam sessions with many of their industry peers. Many of them are listed in the tracks below.

I did check out a couple of these last year as they would pop up in various news feeds. But then, it seemed like everybody was doing ‘lockdown’ jam sessions. It did get a bit overwhelming for me as my jobs made me busier than ever. It is still sort of balls to the wall when it comes to working. So Sepultura and guests would sit around and talk about many topics and play some songs.

A cool thing to note is that all of the parts were recorded in each musician’s studios. All of which have been mixed and mastered by Conrado Ruther for release on CD, 2LP, and all streaming platforms. Sonically, they all sound outstanding. It was/is great to hear some of these Sepultura classics reworked a bit. There are no drastic changes to any of their songs, so fans should be happy about that. For those who do not own Sepultura music, now is the time to check out this incredible collection of songs by the band. As well, there is a couple of other surprises thrown in the fold for your listening enjoyment.


1. Territory (feat. David Ellefson) 4:50
2. Cut Throat (feat. Scott Ian) 2:44
3. Sepulnation (feat. Danko Jones) 4:20
4. Inner Self (feat. Phil Rind) 5:10
5. Hatred Aside (feat. F. Lira, A. Burns, M. Puertas) 4:0
6. Mask (feat. Devin Townsend) 4:41
7. Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering (feat. Emmily Barreto) 3:44
8. Vandals Nest (feat. Alex Skolnick) 2:56
9. Slave New World (feat. Matthew K. Heafy) 2:55
10. Ratamahatta (feat. Joao Barone & Charles Gavin) 4:12
11. Apes of God (feat. Rob Cavestany) 3:16
12. Phantom Self (feat. Mark Holcomb) 5:27
13. Slaves of Pain (feat. Fred Leclercq & Marcello Pompeu) 4:06
14. Kaiowas (feat. Rafael Bittencourt) 4:14
15. Orgasmatron (feat. Phil Campbell) 4:18

Derrick Green| Vocals
Andreas Kisser | Guitars
Paulo Xisto| Bass
Eloy Casagrande | Drums



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