Rybandt, Joe (ed.)-Alice Cooper: Welcome To My Nightmare Volume I (Book review)

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Reviewed: August 202

Released: 2015, Dynamite

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: JP

It is not surprising that the very first Hard Rock and Heavy Metal artists to get adapted into comic form had strong visual images.  Kiss and Alice Cooper started it all and had time went in band with mascots or strong imagery; GWAR, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Hammerfall, all got comics.

Why don’t big bands like Metallica, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest have comics yet? No big, strong singular image or mascot!  There are exceptions like the Slayer comic but for the most part Metal comic crossovers are character driven.

Alice Cooper is one character that is a natural creature to be adapted into comic form.  It started in 1979 with the Marvel Premier #50.  Then in 1994 there was The Last Temptation album/comic tie-in.  I have reviewed both is those here on Metal-Rules.com if you are interested. There are quite a few more Alice Cooper appearances floating around in the comic-verse.

In 2014 Dynamite produced a six issue series and I am reviewing the trade paperback version that collects all six issues.

I always hesitate to go into deep description of plot  because it might ruin it for others.  suffice to say it is fairly complex story with multiple characters various demons and denizens of dark realms fighting for Alice or with Alice.  The corruption of youth, the shady part of ‘the show business’ all come to life in this story.  The overall tone is dark and mature but certainly not X-rated by any means.  The art  by relative newcomer Eman Casallos is bold and striking and the script flows nicely. There is also a world-weariness to the story as well as one might feel after emerging from a nightmare.  The story is written by Joe Harris (X-Men, Spiderman, Batman) and he captures the spirit of Alice well.  It is a fun and engaging series of comics. I’m glad to have them all in one place.

There are also some bonus features.  Each of the regional covers is included as well as some alternate art.  Perhaps most importantly is a full reproduction of the first, aforementioned Alice Cooper comic.

Alice has always seen the value of merchandise and all the Alice fans like myself have one more fun avenue to enjoy seeing our favourite dark hero in graphic novel form.


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