Kiss- X-Treme Close Up (DVD)

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Reviewed: August 2021

Released: 2004 , Polygram

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewer: JP

Inspired by the recent Kiss documentary called Kisstory, (aired on A&E’s Biography series) I decided to go back and review a couple of old Kiss home videos; KONFIDENTIAL and X-TREME CLOSE-UP.  This ties in nicely with the re-launch of the band’s farewell tour ‘The End Of The Road’.   Feel free to read my review of those other two shows as well.   This release is already three decades old so I’m not going to spend a ton of time reviewing it but it does fit with my mandate to try to review every Hard Rock/Metal DVD ever!

Kiss has always had it’s up’s and downs and the early 90’s saw the band rising a high with the release of REVENGE.  Never shy to capitalize on an opportunity that album cycle saw a home video (KONFIDENTIAL), a live album (ALIVE III) and a follow up home video in 1993 called X-TREME CLOSE UP. There was quite a little burst of activity.  Originally only released on VHS this was re-issued (along with KONFIDENTIAL) as a stand-alone DVD in 2004 with alternate artwork.  Finally after a decade these home video were available on DVD for a very reasonable price.

X-TREME CLOSE-UP is the band’s fourth Home Video but only second to be released on DVD.  It follows very much in the style of EXPOSED, part live stuff, part backstage footage, part interviews and some videos.

This 90-minute feature has a straight across transfer from VHS so the sound is stereo and images and a bit blurry by today’s standards. However, it is completely watchable.   The Home Video is anchored by two or three main interviews with Gene and Paul and a while bunch of clips.   I found it mildly annoying to only have clips of the old songs, instead of the full-feature.   This was the first time the band had raided the vaults and this really was a dry-run for the much more extensive multi-disc KISSOLOGY. It is neat to see the old footage from the mid-70’s for the first time. Since the CRAZY NIGHTS home video the band had shot another seven or eight videos and five of those were here except from ASYLUM for some reason. The band wandered through their history and it is always cool to see the old clips.  It played like a movie and at the time was quite eye-opening in terms of trivia and the inner workings of the band.  It was far more ‘serious’ than EXPOSED in terms of presentation.

By the mid-80’s Kiss had finally embraced the MTV age and by 1992 this quickly went platinum in the US, which is 100,000 units for a home video.  This a great pre-cursor to the more detailed KISSTORY TV special.


1 Unholy
2 Sure Know Something (Video Excerpt)
3 Watching You (Excerpt)
4 Black Diamond (Excerpt)
5 Cold Gin (Excerpt)
6 Deuce (Excerpt)
7 100,000 Years (Excerpt)
8 Let Me Go Rock & Roll (Excerpt)
9 Beth (Excerpt)
10 God Of Thunder (Excerpt)
11 Black Diamond (Excerpt)
12 Love ‘Em And Leave ‘Em
13 Hard Luck Woman
14 I Stole Your Love (Excerpt)
15 I Was Made For Lovin’ You (Excerpt)
16 World Without Heroes (Excerpt)
17 Calling Dr. Love (Excerpt)
18 War Machine (Excerpt)
19 Lick It Up (Excerpt)
20 Let’s Put The X In Sex (Excerpt)
21 Rise To It
22 Hide Your Heart
23 Forever
24. I Just Wanna