Entierro – El Camazotz

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Reviewed: August, 2021
Released: June 18, 2021
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

I learned of New Haven, Connecticut’s Entierro when I discovered that founding Fates Warning guitarist Victor Arduini was in the band. His fretwork was top notch on the first two Fates albums, how can I go wrong? I came across their most recent output, an EP titled EL CAMAZOTZ, by way of the “The Tower,” the first video released for the EP and it was a really good effort that combines traditional metal with some doom with a slight prog sound. I know, right? I’ve had some time since acquiring the EP to really dig through the layers and they are really quite impressive.

The EP is four originals and a cover of Judas Priest “Call for the Priest” clocking in at just a little over twenty six and a half minutes. Honestly, with the resurgence of vinyl this album is really two quick tunes short of a full length so it doesn’t blow by you too fast. Each song has it’s own personality and it’s own identity but together they make an EP that is as strong and lasting as any full length. Songs like the opener “The Penance” with that killer opening riff to the absolute brilliance of “The Tower,” to the amazing title track, this band knows how to write songs with hooks and still execute some amazing fret work. Just listen to the solos on “The Tower.” The second solo is so melodic then the next just shreds. I’d buy this EP just for this song…best on the release hands down.

I mentioned the title track. “Camazotz” is actually from ancient Myan mythology and it a bat god. That was another thing that drew me to this. I’ve not found many metal songs or albums dedicated to Mesoamerican history. And just as one would expect a song about a bat god, this song just slays. The riffs are plentiful and the chorus is really catchy but, again it’s the fret work that just slays here. This song is already huge but the way the leads soar sends it to the next level. To top the album off is an amazing effort covering one of Judas Priest’s best songs, “Call for the Priest.” They leave “Let us Prey” off and just jump right in. What I love about this is that they don’t go into it trying to imitate Judas Priest. Instead they kind of make it their own. The result is one of the best covers of a classic I’ve heard in a while. What an absolute brilliant way to end the album.

What I need to do next is seek out the back catalog of this brilliant band because this was one of the most entertaining EPs to come out in a long time. As I said, it’s an EP that plays like a full length. The songwriting and the execution were just spot on. I’m really interested in what comes next for this band. But for now, this EP will hold me over.


EntierroLine Up:
Chris Begnal – Guitars
Victor Arduini – Guitars
Christopher Beaudette – Bass, Vocals
Dave Parmelee – Drums

Track Listing:
1. The Penance
2. The Tower
3. The Past
4. El Camazotz
5. Call for the Priest [Judas Priest cover]

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