El Destazador – Utopist Visions of Home

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El Destazador - Utopist Visions of HomeReviewed: February, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent.
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

El Destazador is a thrash metal band from Guatemala born in the distant year of 2010. Their debut album THE HORN OF DOOM was released in 2014 and five years later they released: BRUTAL BLASPHEMY. Just in June the group presented its third full length: UTOPIST VISIONS OF HOME.

Something that identifies this band is that their albums could well be EP’s due to the amount of songs they include; they have never gone beyond the nine pieces. UTOPIST VISIONS OF HOME presents only six, however, these are very long compositions of between 7 and 10 minutes.

Their sound is clearly thrash, based entirely on riffs but also seasoned with very interesting melodies like the one that accompanies the song “The Army of Hell”, showing that they also have a very good melodic notion.

The production feels a bit austere, however, this gives the sound of the guitars a very raw sound, which helps a lot for the riffs to impact with much greater force, as in “The End”.

The voice does its job. You can see that the lyrics are interpreted by someone who at the same time plays an instrument, since their verses are usually short and their verses are full of cons with the guitar.

Unfortunately the length of its pieces makes them very dense; they can start with a lot of impact, but later this impact becomes monotonous due to the number of times they can repeat a passage.

If the pieces “The End” or “Once We Are Dead” lasted half as long, the impact would be much greater.

UTOPIST VISIONS OF HOME is an excellent Central American thrash metal album, it shows that thrash vibrates in every corner and confirms that El Destazador is not a casual band that gets together to make music whenever they can, on the contrary, they show commitment to their music.



El Destazador BandLineup:
Bruno Rinze: Drums
Jair Moncada: Rhythm guitar, bass and vocals.
Paul Sánchez: Lead guitar

1. Utopist Visions of Home (03:53)
2. The Army From Hell (07:03)
3. The End (07:10)
4. Once We Are Dead (07:58)
5. The Grief Has Gone Sour (07:53)
6. Nacimiento (10:44)



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