Crypt Crawler – Future Usurper

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Crypt Crawler

Reviewed: August, 2021
Released: 2021, Bitterloss
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Andrea Di Stasio

Australian death metal? Yes, please!

Crypt Crawler is back with their second full-length, “Future Usurper” and we have to thank the Gods of Metal because it sounds great. Whether you are into death or not, it won’t take long to recognise the talent of this band. Combining classical elements of the genre with a modern approach, Crypt Crawler delivers an excellent performance.

Marco Ieritano’s vocals are consistent and powerful, an absolute pleasure throughout the album. The rest of the band is equally outstanding, able to combine violence and elegant variations, catching the attention of even the most dubious listener.

The album opens with an interesting clean bass, followed by an instrumental section that soon explodes into the raw growl of Ieritano.
“Future Usurper”, second and title track, is a banger: dirtier, more aggressive and straightforward, it will be loved by many.

The music flows, make sense and never disappoints. While listening to this album I never found myself bored or disappointed, these guys know what they do and they do it well! Behemoth and Carcass come to mind, but also somehow Opeth, especially in the clean sections alternated to Ieritano’s growl.

If I had to pick one song, I couldn’t, so I will pick two: I loved “The Avaricious Ones” and “The Illusion We’re under” because they show not only the skills and talent of the band but also its taste. Let me be clear, you can’t make good music without great taste. Even the dirtiest death metal benefits from it and Crypt Crawler shows it perfectly.

What a great record!


Crypt Crawler


1. The Mouth of Death
2. Future Usurper
3. Force Fed to the Dead
4. Delirium
5. Inherent Complexion
6. Choir of Reprieve
7. The Avaricious Ones
8. Horrors of Humanity
9. The Illusion We’re Under
10. Once Shadow, Now Flesh

Band Line up

Marco Ieritano – Vocals
Jordan Cappa – Guitars
Zach James – Guitars
Cameron Gillam – Bass
Lewis Oliver – Drums


Band’s Website

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