Aryem – The Bird’s Assembly

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Aryem - The Bird's AssemblyReviewed: July, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent.
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Aryem is a symphonic metal band from Mexico City. Even though the group records its birth in 2012, the truth is that this new incarnation was born in 2019 when finally the mastermind of the band, Diego Maaginen, managed to gather a stable line-up.

THE BIRD’S ASSEMBLY is the second album with this lineup. It is a concept album based on the homonymous poem written by Farid al Din Attar several centuries ago.

This new album is the proof that Aryem is a band in continuous work. The best thing is that the group has managed to maintain the high quality standard that it displayed in its previous work: DANGEROUS PARADISE (2019) in terms of composition level and especially production.

The first thing that stands out in this new album is the creative work of Diego, who proves to be a composer of great height by possessing a huge musical spectrum that reaches different genres and styles. Best of all, he knew how to perfectly blend them into his own songs with passages that never clash, an example of this are the interludes of “Awakened” and the piece “Broken Scepters of War.”

Although Karen M-Dozza’s voice shines with the same light as her debut in 2019, in this new work there are passages where she hesitates a bit like in “You Are Insane” or the first verses of “Surroundead”. However, there are pieces like “Just One Night” and “Forbidden Love” where it is possible to fully appreciate the beauty of her voice, capable of enchanting at the first listen.

Very few can be said about drums and guitar, not because they do a bad job, on the contrary, their work scratches perfection because they are the true ones in charge of giving life to the compositions. However, taking into account that there are almost no solos and everything was composed by Diego, their work was that of mere interpreters.

However, Javier’s vocal work deserves a special mention, which once again surpasses his work on guitar. He possesses a very advanced vocal technique (he took classes with Floor Jansen). Hopefully soon we can hear him interpreting a whole song as the first voice because doing backing vocals is a job that is getting too short for him.

The album ends with the suite “The Assembly of Birds”, a 15-minute opus that, despite having a title in Spanish, the lyrics are in English. The piece is surprising because it is never boring, an unequivocal sign of the compositional quality that Aryem has.

THE BIRD’S ASSEMBLY will be released in October 2021, good news for Mexican symphonic metal that will see the birth of an album destined to pleasantly impact the ears of all fans of the genre.


Aryem BandLineup:
Karen M-dozza – Vocals
Javier Díaz – Guitar
Diego Heero Maaginen – Composer & Bass
Luis Arturo Echegollen – Drums

01. Hoopoe (Overture)
02. Awakened
03. You Are Insane
04. Come To Me
05. Forbidden Love
06. My Love
07. SurrounDead
08. Just One Night
09. Broken Scepters Of War
10. Reborn
11. La Asamblea de las Aves
Pt. I – Digital Nesting
Pt. 2 – The Bird’s Assembly
Pt. 3 – The Desert
Pt. 4 – The Seven Valleys
Pt. 5 – The Simourgh



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