Defenders of the Metal Faith – Carrying the Flame Forward: Spotlight Band – Ironflame

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Defenders of the Metal Faith – Carrying the Flame Forward

Metal-Rules presents Defenders of the Metal Faith – Carrying the Flame Forward. Each month we will spotlight a band that was formed in 2000 and after that has had a significant impact on the metal scene. This month’s spotlight, the mighty….

Ironflame, from Martins Ferry, Ohio, was originally started by multi-instrumentalist and vocal god, Andrew D’Cagna, in 2016 as a tribute to Pittsburgh area recording engineer and Defender of the Faith, Chris Zenner. The debut album, Lightning Strikes The Crown, was released in May 2017 and saw D’Cagna handling all instruments except the solos and was only supposed to be a one album project. However, after the release of the album, there was a huge response from the metal community and the demand for a follow up was high!

The follow up, Tales of Splendor and Sorrow, was released a little over a year later and featured more complex songs and saw the songwriting expanded. One again, all instruments were handled by D’Cagna except for the guitar solos. They were handled by Pittsburgh shredder extraordinaire, Jim Dofka. This album was a grower but it is still a brilliant album and received widespread critical acclaim.

The third and most recent album, Blood Red Victory, saw D’Cagna taking it back to a more straightforward metal approach. Once again, Mr. D’Cagna handled all instruments and vocals. This time the solos were done by his two touring guitarists, Quinn Lucas (from the band Icarus Witch) and Jesse Scott. Another scorcher of an album, this album has the shorter length but does not waste any time. With songs like “Honor Bound” and “Blood Red Cross,” and “Night Queen” D’Cagna takes no prisoners in his all on metal assault.

When Mr. D’Cagna is not creating some of the best metal of the millennium with IRONFLAME, he busies himself playing the bass (McCartney style) in the stoner doom band BRIMSTONE COVEN and in 2018 he accepted lead vocalists slot in Pittsburgh metal mainstays, ICARUS WITCH and recorded their critically acclaimed comeback Goodbye Cruel World.

I recently caught up with Mr. D’Cagna to get an update on the future of Ironflame. He said, “There’s talk of a compilation CD only release of all of the bonus material from previous vinyl releases as well as some unreleased B sides. Album number four is very much in the works as well.

“Touring wise, we are staying on this side of the Atlantic this year, the highlight being a mid west mini tour revolving around the Blades of Steel festival in Milwaukee. Next year will see the release of album number four and a few European festival dates have already been secured.”

Line Up:
Andrew D’Cagna – All Instruments/Vocals
Quinn Lucas (Touring) – Guitars
Jesse Scott (Touring) – Guitars
James Babcock (Touring) – Bass
Noah Skiba (Touring) – Drums

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