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Crypt Crawler

Interview With Vocalist Marco Ieritano

28th July 2021

Interview by Andrea Di Stasio

Crypt Crawler

Hey and thank you for your time today!

With Two albums and 1 EP in only 3 years: what an amazing achievement, but how did it all start?
Thank you! Crypt Crawler began when our guitarist, Jordan, put up an ad to form a death metal band. I contacted him and we soon realised that we were both on the exact same page with everything. We wrote the majority of ‘To the Grave’ together before finding our first drummer Jacob, and bassist Cam, with Zach joining pretty shortly after on second guitar. Lewis joined us on drums just as we released ‘To the Grave’, as unfortunately, Jacob couldn’t continue, and here we are.

Why “Crypt Crawler”?
We had a few names we were playing with, however, we chose ‘Crypt Crawler’ taken from the ‘Revel in Flesh’ song of the same name. This name perfectly encapsulates the vibe we are going for, along with being a catchy name and reflective of our horror influenced lyrics.

The album sounds great, and it was auto produced! Did you all contribute equally to the process, or is there a designated producer among you?
Thank you, I’m stoked that you like how it sounds! I have produced all of our releases thus far, however, because I am not a trained audio engineer I definitely seek feedback from the rest of the guys and make sure everyone is happy with how it is all sounding. It’s a lot of experimenting and just trying to figure out what sounds good and what doesn’t.

Crypt Crawler

How would you describe the album in 3 words?
Neck breaking savagery!

If Crypt Crawler was a drink what would it be?
Water, absolute necessity for survival hahaha!

In a previous interview, you stated that “Future Usurper” is inspired by real issues: which ones, in particular, are important to you?
There are a few issues that are addressed in ‘Future Usurper’ as a whole with many of these depicted in metaphors and within dystopian and horror narratives. Such issues include the loss of free will, the damage humans are doing to the earth, the abuse of power, the treatment of factory-farmed animals, existentialism and just general human interactions that make their way into my lyrics.

Do you have a favourite song in the album?
This always changes for me. I think ‘The Mouth of Death’ is one of my favourite songs that we’ve written, but in terms of favourites right now, I think I’ll go with ‘The Avaricious Ones’.

How was going back on stage after this crazy year with the pandemic?
It felt really great to get back on stage and play to a crowd again. Perth was very lucky as we managed to start opening things back up a lot sooner than other places around the world, having contained the virus and kept our borders shut for quite some time. It was only about 5 months since playing our last show before the pandemic and playing our first show back, which was amazing considering the circumstances. The crowds were also a lot larger too as people had been deprived of live music for so long, so that definitely made it feel all the more special. This year we’ve been forced back into a few lockdowns here and there which has definitely been a step back in progress, but luckily it hasn’t been for too long, however has still caused some gig cancellations.


If you could pick one of the major heavy metal festivals to play, which one would it be?
I would be incredibly stoked and humbled to play Hellfest or Graspop – they would be a dream come true! I’ve been to a few festivals in Europe and the UK, including both of those, and they’ve all been absolutely amazing times.

What is your source of inspiration?
Our biggest source of inspiration probably comes from myself and Jordan’s love for the band Death. We started this band to play Old School Death Metal in D standard tuning, with some additional modern influences finding their way into our sound.

What do you guys do when you are not playing?  Do you hang out much outside the band?
I love watching movies, especially horror. Jordan plays Magic: The Gathering, Lewis is a pharmacist and all-around music lover, Zach gets into a bit of photography and gardening, and Cam collects vinyls and also loves watching horror movies. Other than in the jam room, we hang out at gigs or sometimes catch up for food and drinks. We’ve all become really good mates so it makes for a fun time whenever we’re together.

What does it mean to be in an extreme metal band in Australia?
Australia has some amazing extreme metal bands, so to have the opportunity to be a part of this scene is really humbling. We’re a big fan of so many bands in this scene and there’s definitely heaps of talent right here in our own country that can definitely be missed when focusing on international bands.

What are the best bands in the Australian scene?
So many haha! Some of my favourite Australian bands are Depravity, Faceless Burial, Unravel, Population Control, Disentomb, Pagan, Suneater, Remission, Resin Tomb and obviously the bigger bands such as Parkway Drive, Thy Art is Murder, Psycroptic and Make Them Suffer.

Are you planning any collaborations in the future?
Nothing planned at the moment, but who knows. A split EP with another Australian band would be awesome.

What’s next for Crypt Crawler?
We have a few cool things planned for this year, but with the inability to tour it can be a bit limited. We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing and unveil it all as it comes.

Is there anything else that you would like to say to our readers?
Thanks so much for checking out Crypt Crawler and we hope you enjoy our new album ‘Future Usurper’, we really appreciate it! Cheers from Australia!