Christian Lindell of Portrait Discuses Newest CD – At One With None

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Interview by Robert Cavuoto

Portrait - At One With None
Portrait – At One With None

Portrait will be releasing their newest CD, At One With None, on September 3rd via Metal Blade Records. This is their follow-up to their 2017 release Burn the World.

This new CD has the band returning with a diverse, attitude-drenched collection of songs. It’s everything the band’s faithful followers have come to expect from Portrait while pushing their signature sound forward. Songs like “Curtains” explode with the crunchy, rousing guitar and fiery vocals, and the CD doesn’t let up until the closing ruthless riff of “The Gallow’s Crossing.”

At One With None is possessed with a sense of urgency and vigor that can only be the work of Christian Lindell [guitar], Fredrik Petersson [bass], Anders Persson [drum], and Per Lengstedt [vocals].

I spoke to guitarist Christian Lindell to discuss the creation of the CD, how inspiration strikes when writing songs, and how his work ethic drives his artistic passion.