Sydney’s AVALON’S PEAK release ‘Levitate’

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Sydney-based AVALON’S PEAK have released their powerful new single ‘Levitate’. The band formed in 2016 creating music combining cinematic influences with modern rock and metal.

Opening up about their personal struggles with mental health, ‘Levitate’ offers the vital message of hope to heavy music fans who may be struggling with the same encapsulated within this uplifting tune.

‘Levitate’ introduces itself with dominating riffs, multidimensional synth and orchestral layers and an energetic rhythm section bolstering vocalist Rodney Park’s dynamic vocals, setting the tone for the anthemic tune to follow. Lively verses capture Park’s resonant timbre sublimely accompanied by hard-hitting riffs and upbeat drums. The catchy choruses display the bands new direction while they still make use of the melodic and cinematic elements Avalon’s Peak are best known for.

Park on the new single, ‘Levitate is about overcoming your demons and waiting for another day. It’s about not giving up the fight, knowing things will get better one day. This isn’t forever; it can’t be. Overcoming adversity is a big sticking point for us lyrically, it’s a message we all believe in personally and as a result it’s likely going to be a common theme in our song writing.’

Coming off a successful release of their debut EP ‘Stories Untold’ the band has been hitting stages in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. 2017 saw the band get placed second out of 180 competing bands at Emergenza Festival, one of the world’s largest festivals for unsigned bands. AVALON’S PEAK are now back and hungrier than ever to take over the heavy music scene.

‘Levitate’ is out now on all major distribution platforms via
Produced by Avalon’s Peak
Editing, mixing, mastering and drum engineering by Brad Telfer Audio