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Interview with Warranat (vocals)

Interview by Demitri Levantis

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Following the release of their debut album “Nether Hollow of No Return”, Metal Rules caught up with Thailand’s death metal collective Oldskull to talk about what the band have put into the new release and have in store for the future.

Hi and thanks for joining us, let’s begin with the new album, what inspired the title “Nether Hollow of No Return?”

Hails. The inspiration of the title taken from the belief that there is a spiritual place or dwelling for our souls beyond death.

Does this album cover any new themes or ideas the band has never explored before?

Yes, I (Warranat), as a vocalist and lyricist of the band, have put forward new concepts and themes for this album that include the mass extinction of mankind, post-mortem ritual and mystic rite of sacrifice. There is also one song about mental illness, depression and suffering, namely “Murky Waters”, which is my favorite song from this album.

What’s it been like working with Inhuman Assault Productions, would you recommend them to any other bands?

I’d totally recommend this label to any underground bands seeking label to release their materials. Inhuman Assault Productions is owned by our bandmate (Patiwat) and he has done so amazing job for this album.

What is in your opinion the best format to listen to the album: CD, vinyl, cassette etc?

Obviously, vinyl is the best format.

What inspired the band name, Oldskull and why did you choose it?

Oldskull is from “old school”, it’s just simple words but describes what we truly are best.

What can you tell us about Siamese Brutalism, the community your band belongs to; is it completely composed of bands from Thailand?

Siamese Brutalism is a group of underground metal musicians in Thailand who share the same ideas and attitude. And yes, it’s composed completely of Thai bands.

Does Siamese Brutalism follow any ideology or set of ideas and is it just Death Metal or Grindcore bands, are there any black or thrash bands involved?

The scale of this group is just for death metal, black metal, grindcore and goregrind. But we are also united with like-minded musicians from thrash metal bands.

What makes Oldskull different from the rest of Thailand’s metal scene if you feel it is so?

Actually, I think we are not too different from any bands in the scene. We are dedicated to music and trying to keep the underground spirit alive which is the same with other bands around here.

For those of us, myself included, who have extremely low knowledge of Thailand’s metal scene, what can you tell us about its history? Are there any bands who you feel really represent the country?

The Thai underground metal scene emerged in or around the early-mid 90s, when Heretic Angels (first Thai death metal band) and Surrender of Divinity (one of the first Thai black metal bands) were formed. In the meantime, Stone Metal Fire, Hi-Rock and The Sun were paving the way for the heavy metal and hard rock scenes, which was considered to be the only metal music genre that closed to the word “mainstream”. Then, we have many notable bands from that point including Zygoatsis (black/death metal), Savage Deity (death metal), Nuclear Warfare (thrash metal), Remains (thrash metal), Goatchrist666 (black/death metal) Shambles (death/doom metal), Genocidal Sodomy (black/death metal), Masochist (grindcore), Lotus of Darkness (folk/black metal), Reincarnated (death/doom metal) and Bonghill (stoner/doom metal). Brutal death metal seems to be the only genre that has a big scene and has a remarkable presence in foreign eyes. Bands worth mentioning from that genre are Lacerate, A Good Day for Killing, Intricated, Ecchymosis, Biomorphic Engulfment, Pathological Sadism, Psychopathy, Affective Psychosis, Deathguy, and Imbrued Blemishment. And if you are into grindcore goregrind stuff, Smallpox Aroma and Cystgurgle are the best choices for your pleasure.

Does your country’s culture, history or religion(s) have a big influence on Oldskull’s music and beliefs?

Not a main source, but history and culture have some influences whenever I’m writing the lyrics. There are some songs that I adapted from true events and local beliefs, interpreted in a fictional way which aligns with the themes and concepts of the band.

What do you make of the status of Death Metal at present, has it changed a lot in your lifetime and do you prefer it now or what it used to be?

It’s changed a lot compared to the beginning of it and what it is now. If I could choose, of course, I’d prefer the early days of it. Death metal at its early stage is full with fascination, I guess you all already know it.

Are any of the band involved in any other projects and would you recommend them to our readers?

Besides Oldskull, Saran is in Savage Deity and Bonghill. Nocturnal Power are also in Bonghill, both are ex-members of Goatchrist666. Patiwat is in Reincarnated, Masochist, and a former member of Zygoatsis. While AKK66 is in Nuclear Warfare.

It says in your press release your biggest influences are Death, Obituary, Bolt Thrower and Benediction, are there any other bands who are a great influence on Oldskull – any we might not be familiar with?

Well, besides those pioneers, I think Humiliation from Malaysia is also one of our influences. We have known them for many years and had an amazing opportunity to releasing a split album with them.

Are there any big non-musical influences on Oldskull like art, films, culture, history, personal experiences etc?

Of course, we love watching horror, thriller films and are also into anything dark, mystic and death-related.

How has the Covid pandemic affected the band, did you have to cancel anything big like tours?

It affects us as much as you can imagine. We haven’t practised anything for over a year now and that’s totally annoying. And the gig that was supposed to be taking place in June also got cancelled. Hope this shit be gone as soon as possible so that we can back on stage and killing everyone in the crowd again.

Is there anywhere, in particular, you like to perform, like any venue, country or city?

Personally, I like to perform on the low-level stage or even no stage at all. It makes me feel more aggressive when doing the vocals, I guess because we can interact and reach the crowd easier which is really cool. We are extremely excited to go back to Singapore and Malaysia. And to have a gig in Europe, especially Germany and maybe in Japan and United States are our goals. Hope that all could happen when the pandemic is gone.

What advice would you give to any of your fans who want to start their own band?

Be true to yourself, keep the passion alive and be absolutely aware of what you’re doing and why you do that for.

Finally, do you have anything you would like to say to our readers?

Thanks for all of the support that has been given to us. Keep the underground alive!!!

Thank you so much for joining us, I wish you all the best for the future.

Thanks for this interview, stay safe and stay metal!!!