Triton Devs – Stay Alive

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triton devs stay aliveReviewed: June, 2021
Released: 2021, Rockshots Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Triton Devs is a musical project created by the composer Blacky Lee Stone who, judging by his website, we can deduce that he comes from Italy and is dedicated to many things beyond music. We can associate the name of the project with the name that his guitar also bears, which was made by the luthier Roberto Bertoni.

In mid-June Blacky Lee Stone released his album STAY ALIVE; the name seeks to be inserted in the context of a post-pandemic period. It offers ten songs, all born from an elementary heavy metal, but taken to very interesting extremes.

An example of the above is the piece “This Summer Day”, which unites hard rock, funk and even dance music in a very wise way, without any of its parts out of tune, which tells us about the great compositional capacity of Blacky Lee Stone.

The album is full of very different and interesting moments; Another example is the ballad “The Lights of Your Skin” because, even though it is the ballad on the album and one of the slowest pieces, on a structural level it is a progressive explosion of a great level.

Compositely this album shines wherever you want to see it, unfortunately the mix does not allow you to appreciate all the benefits that the instruments offer. “Another Round” is an example; the voice is lost underneath the guitar riffs and the keyboards disappear during the verses.

Despite these details in the production, Blacky Lee Stone has achieved a quite pleasant album where you can perceive the sincerity of his compositions in each measure. STAY ALIVE is a great testament to what love for music is capable of creating and above all to the benefits of breaking the boundaries of genres.


triton devs bandLineup
Eric Castiglia (Vocals)
Blacky Lee Stone (Guitars)
Anna Portalupi (Bass)
Mike Terrana (Drums)
Zammkenoby (Drums)

Track Listing:
1. Black Angel (1:37)
2. Another Round (4:23)
3. This Summer Day (3:58)
4. The Light of Your Skin (5:03)
5. The Show (3:55)
6. Summer Day (4:16)
7. Higher (3:58)
8. Hell’s Fest (4:32)
9. Magic Rainbow (3:55)
10. Metallus (5:13)



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