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lutharo hiraethReviewed: June, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Lutharö is a melodic death band from Ontario, Canada. They have been playing in the depths of North America for almost ten years and, after three EP’s released over five years, the group finally debuted with a full length titled: HIRAETH (2021).

There is no doubt that this album is the total culmination of a path that began in 2012, when they were called Incarnadine. Last year the group achieved a great reception with the release of their EP WINGS OF DESTINY (2020), so this upward path had to lead them to a full-length album.

At HIRAETH we can hear details that make Lutharö’s music something special. In the first place, Krista’s voice is different from that of her guttural fellows as she plays notes a little higher than usual, which makes the songs sound more explosive and gives a completely unique touch to Lutharo compositions.

Technically the musicians are up to what the genre demands, that is, the drummer Duval Gabraiel is a devastating machine when the songs increase in speed, but at the same time he is able to maintain the groove in those passages where the melodies begin to be drawn.

Guitarists Victor Bucur and John Raposo are a perfect match; As the genre demands, they have a very fine melodic sense that allows them to know where to harmonize, where to explode with devastating riffs and even where to slow down. It is clear that they are fans of the genre and interpret it with the taste of those who know it.

At the production level, the album is wonderful, because they decided to use orchestrations and the result is magnificent. The introduction to “What Sleeps In Your Mind” is a great example of this; it will surely capture the ears of many listeners.

HIRAETH must be the album that finally consecrates them and puts them on the international scene; they’ve produced a perfectly enjoyable album from start to finish, each song having its own specific weight. Talent is seldom captured with such clear clarity as on this album.



lutharo bandLine-Up:
Krista Shipperbottom – Vocals
Victor Bucur – Guitars, backing vocals
John Raposo – Guitars
Chris Pacey – Bass
Duval Gabraiel – Drums

1. Introspection
2. To Kill Or To Crave
3. What Sleeps In Your Mind
4. Phantom
5. Worship Your Path
6. Hopeless Abandonment
7. Valley Of The Cursed
8. In Silence We Reign
9. Eclipse
10. Lost In A Soul



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