Jetser’s Tears – Perception

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jester tears perceptionReviewed: June, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

One of the most interesting and important comebacks that happened on the German scene was that of Jester’s Tears, a very interesting band from many points of view.

We are talking about a rare bird that developed the best progressive power in a decade as contrasting as the nineties. Their debut EP titled REFLECTIONS (1996) is today a total cult work.

It seemed that everything was going from strength to strength when in 2001 they released their debut album ILLUSION, with a truly avant-garde and captivating sound for any lover of German power, however, all of a sudden, the band disappeared.

Two long decades later, the band showed signs of life again and released an incredible album entitled: PERCEPTION (2020), an astonishing work, with a perfect production and truly captivating songs.

PERCEPTION began to take shape between autumn and winter 2018 and 2019, at Dreamsound Studios. Guitars and keyboards were recorded in the band’s own studio in early 2019.

Fortunately, the health contingency found them with all the recorded instruments, including the voices, so in June 2020 their producer Jan Vacik finished shaping this very interesting album.

One of the most surprising aspects of PERCEPTION is how it keeps intact the style that Jester’s Tears showed in the distant 1996. There is the same musical vein throbbing in the songs; that spirit is still intact.

We are talking about extremely melodic songs, with lots of interesting hooks and riffs spiced up with some progressive elements in the bars. Everything was perfectly amalgamated.

The best thing is that since February of this year the group has already begun to gather ideas for a new album and they are currently preparing for their next presentations.

Without a doubt PERCEPTION is a great album that should put Jester’s Tears back on the map. Hopefully their upcoming concerts will open the door to new ground for them because this band has absolutely everything.


jester tears bandLineup:
Dimitrios Tsiktês – Vocals
Tobias Dorner – Guitars
Philipp Schultheiß – Keyboards
Bernd Huber – Bass
Mike Sauter – Drums

1. The Wish 2:28
2. Harmony 5:05
3. The only way 5:37
4. I can‘t deny 6:44
5. Dreams aside 5:32
6. Scream into darkness 5:30
7. Thorns in his mind 5:46
8. Sorry 5:19
9. Who decides 6:46
10. Critical Thinking 7:38



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