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Hyloxalus AposematicReviewed: June, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Hyloxalus is a duo from Edmonton, Canada born in 2017; it is made up of Mike Bell and Nina Laderoute. The first is in charge of the guitar, the bass and the gutturals; the second is who gives voice to the pieces.

This duo is presented with the label of being a group for fans of Nightwish, Blind Guardian and Stratovarius, however, fans of these ensembles are likely to end up turning away because there is no similarity in their sound.

The truth is that Hyloxalus is much more than those bands combined, since the boundaries of their music extend through various subgenres with a surprising naturalness.

They debuted with a self-titled demo in 2019 and at the end of July this year they are preparing the release of their first EP titled: APOSEMATIC.

In January they gave a first preview with the single entitled “Voices From the Septic Hollow”, a piece that has interesting sparkles in some interludes but does not show all the compositional capacity of the band.

It’s on songs like “Steel, Blood and Irony” where we truly hear the scope of this duo. It starts with an acoustic melody that later transforms into black metal and then they pass it on to a speed power with a female symphonic voice. It’s amazing.

This combination of subgenres is the constant throughout the EP, made up of just three pieces and a cover of “Moonstone”, by the band Black Mirrors. The result is a very attractive and avant-garde sound that will open many doors for them beyond the bands they are compared to.


Hyloxalus bandLineup:
Mike Bell – guitars, bass, vocals, programming
Nina Laderoute – vocals
Danial Devost – session drums, mix, master

1. Voices From the Septic Hollow
2. Steel, Blood and Irony
3. 10,000 Neolithic Ghosts
4. Moonstone(Black Mirrors cover)



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