Girlschool – Demolition (Vinyl)

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Demolition (Vinyl)
2021, Renaissance Records
Rating: 4.5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

The 1980 debut album from Girlschool finally gets the reissue treatment it deserves. Renaissance Records have done a great job with this release from it’s glossy gatefold jacket to the heavyweight vinyl inside. The big question is…How does it sound?

I took the LP out from its glossy paper sleeve and gave it a quick inspection before placing it down upon the platter. All looked fine as the record was flat and free from scuffs that many new albums suffer from. I gave it a a few passes with my anti-static brush and we’re ready to place the needle in the groove. Soon as the stylus reached the groove and the first few notes of “Demolition Boys” were coming through the speakers, I knew that Renaissance Records did it right. The sounds that came from my speakers packed a punch and sounded…right. There was depth, the soundstage was there and yet it maintained that rawness of the time. It still has that NWOBHM “sound” that we love.

The songs are high energy, heavy Rock n’ Roll. For those that may be unfamiliar with Girlschool, the easiest comparison would be to say that they are a female version of Motörhead. Lemmy and Co. took the band out on the OVERKILL tour and they collaborated together for the ST. VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE E.P. It would only be fitting that they covered “Bomber” on this debut record. Similar to the high energy of “Bomber” is their own original, “Emergency” which is a track that will stick in your head for days. It’s a super catchy number with repetitious chorus that is infectious. “Breakdown”, “Nothing To Lose” and “Midnight Ride” are other stand out tracks.

From my point of view, Renaissance Records did a fine job on this release. I will be ordering the other Girlschool reissued LP’s (HIT AND RUN, PLAY DIRTY, and SCREAMING BLUE MURDER) in the not too distant future. I fully recommend getting this reissued album. I cannot say if it is sourced from a digital file or if it was from the original master tape, either way it does sound good to my ears.

1. Demolition Boys (3:39)
2. Not For Sale (3:31)
3. Race With The Devil (2:55)
4. Take It All Away (3:43)
5. Nothing To Lose (4:30)
6. Baby Doll (4:13)
7. Breakdown (3:05)
8. Midnight Ride (3:16)
9. Emergency (2:58)
10. Deadline (2:54)
11. It Could Be Better (3:00)
12. Furniture Fire (2:57)
13. Bomber (3:30)