Consumption – Recursive Definitions Of Suppuration

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Reviewed: July 2021
Released: 2021, Iron, Blood & Death Corporation
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Lee Carter

Unless you are of the gore-influenced death metal persuasion, a lot of the more extreme song and album titles will come across quite comedic in their extremity. There must be some form of perverse humour that prevails in bands that ply their trade in this corner of the genre, as the shock value has long gone. The genre is nearing middle age, after all, so it is safe to assume these things have been done to death (metal)! Whether a band is genuinely chuckling to themselves when writing such putrid music, or completely deadly serious, is for them to know only, but it’s still amusing when an album title like ‘Recursive Definitions Of Suppuration’ comes across the desk.

It’s already a mouthful and imagining it being bellowed out in full to a crowd does raise a little smile, and that’s before reaching for the dictionary to look up the meaning of “suppuration” (hey, look at this slow-witted individual over here…) To some it may be sacrilege to say, but it’s not the sort of album title that screams from the rooftops of innovation, but who’s to say on that snap judgement. So while CONSUMPTION ply the sort of gory death metal akin to the godfathers in CARCASS, is the album simply a collection of amusing ditties on bloody human defilement set to mindless and uninspired death metal? As it happens, no!

The earlier point regarding innovation still stands, however this is not the sort of album that requires innovation for it to be any good. The most immediate thing is the production: fat, cavernous and unmistakably heavy – it puts paid to the notion that everything need to be slickly-produced in this era of advanced production technology. Right from the off of “Fermented Tissue”, it is apparent CONSUMPTION wanted to go for that raw and chunky sound with furious tremolo riffs and blasting drums, and it has a delightfully earthy feel about it. No airs or graces; just sheer brute force. It’s much the same with the flaying finger work on the band’s title track, though it shifts down a gear into thunderous chords for added variety.

That being said, it is not a record that offers a wide range of variety. CONSUMPTION know their strengths and stick to it rigidly: wicked riffs, chunky chords and roars from the depths of Hell. The pace of the record frequently alternates between colossus stomps and rapid-fire blasts, but there is no time for any form of softening or pause for breath. At a stretch, “Splenium Corporis Callosi” does take on a slight rock ‘n’ roll approach, with the bass shaking the song into life with a rumbling riff that is soon accompanied by those colossal guitars, whilst closer “Ictus Cordis” is notable for its thrashterpiece outro.

Where it was said earlier that the gorier side to death metal can be quite funny for its content, CONSUMPTION’s debut album has made that feel rather a harsh notion. The song titles and the album itself may have come out of the death metal manual, but the meaty production and tight songwriting on ‘Recursive Definitions Of Suppuration’ make it quite the enjoyable romp. Is it quite in the same league as a classic CARCASS? Not quite, but it’ll satisfy the gory death metallers out there all the same. It’s a little under half-an-hour, so easily consumable, but fun while it lasts (just avoid the end product of suppuration…)



1. Fermented Tissue
2. Infectus Exteriorisation
3. Suppuration
4. Rigor Mortis
5. Consumption
6. Splenium Corporis Callosi
7. Fragmentum
8. Ictus Cordis

Band line-up:

Håkan Stuvemark – Vocals, guitar & bass
Jon Skäre – Drums