Claymorean – Eulogy of the Gods

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Reviewed: June, 2021
Released: 2021, Stormspell Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Claymroean is a heavy metal band from Serbia whose beginnings can be traced back to the mid-nineties with the name Claymore, however, their first demo came out in 2002 and a year later they debuted with THE FIRST DAWN OF SORROW ( 2003).

The band disbanded after that release and almost ten years later they returned with a new lineup with which they made three albums: LAMENT OF VICTORY (2013), UNBROKEN (2015), SOUNDS FROM A DYING WORLD (2017). An interesting detail is that, a year before each release, the band always published a demo.

That is why when in 2020 the group published the DEMO 2020 it was normal for a new album to appear in 2021 and fortunately it did: EULOGY OF THE GODS (2021) is an album that is still not clear to me when it will be released but what is expected over the course of this summer.

We are facing an epic heavy metal in every sense of the word; the voice of its vocalist Dejana Betsa Garčević is one of the most interesting features in Claymorean music; it transits through a scraped and clean timbre that without any problem reaches high notes, evolves perfectly according to the songs.

The mastermind of everything is the guitarist Vlad Invictus, who in this album maintains the same line of his predecessor works, based on riffs, with simple but effective structures and combining the work with Uroš Kovačević, who makes his third album with the band.

Without the need to increase the speed of the songs, EULOGY OF THE GODS is an album that allows us to appreciate the excellent state in which this band is, a band that we could consider cult and that fortunately continues to make music with notable success in its own scene.

claymorean bandLineup:
Dejana Garčević – lead and backing vocals
Vladimir Garčević – guitars and backing vocals
Uroš Kovačević – guitars
Goran Garčević – bass guitars
Marko Novaković – drums and percussion

Guest musicians:
Vladimir Novaković – solo guitars on tracks #6 and #7
Cederick Forsberg – songwriting and solo guitar on track #8

1. Hunter of the Damned
2. Battle in the Sky
3. The Burning of Rome (Cry for Pompeii)
4. Lords of Light
5. Spirit of Merciless Time
6. Mystical Realm (Deorum in absentia)
7. In the Tombs of Atuan
8. Blood of the Dragon



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