King Diamond Says There Could Be New Music From Both MERCYFUL FATE and KING DIAMOND in 2022

King Diamond
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King Diamond recently spoke to Eddie Trunk on his Trunk Nation Show where the King revealed that both MERCYFUL FATE and KING DIAMOND could have music out next year. He went on to explain that both bands are in the creative stages for the albums.

“Writing-wise, we are far with both albums. Andy [La Rocque of King Diamond] is doing a second run-through with his songs, the way he has been correcting a lot of things. Hank [Shermann of Mercyful Fate] has done the same thing, and I’m waiting for those songs to come back,” the singer told Trunk.

He went on to say, “The story is written, even for both King Diamond albums, ’cause The Institute will be a two-album story. And that story is finished completely. I have a lot of vocal ideas for what they have sent me. I am writing my own [songs musically] too.”

King also added, “Sixty percent of the King Diamond [material], at least, will be mine — my songs — and all lyrics, naturally. Mercyful Fate also, I will be writing more in the direction of ‘Don’t Break the Oath.’ Hank will be writing more music than me, but I will certainly write my share too. Back then, on ‘Don’t Break the Oath,’ I wrote ‘Gypsy’ and ‘The Oath’ and ‘Come to the Sabbath’ and then this little piece together with Michael Denner, ‘To One Far Away.’ So, it’ll be more like that — maybe Hank will have six songs and me four — but we’ll see how it turns out in the end. We’ll probably have too many songs.”

Fans seem to be growing a bit impatient with all of the delays with the new album. King teased us in November of 2019 with “Masquerade of Madness,” a song that is said to be on The Institute. Hopefully, news of both bands releasing albums in 2022 should satisfy those eager to hear a new album from The King. The last KING DIAMOND album to be released was Give Me Your Soul…Please in June of 2007.

The last MERCYFUL FATE album, 9, was released in May of 1999. The current MERCYFUL FATE line up is Hank Shermann (Guitars), Mike Wead (Guitars), Joey Vera (Bass), and Bjarne T. Holm (Drums).