Cornerstone: On the road again…

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After 9 months of absence the band is back on stage – the first two concerts of the tour have already gone very well. Due to the expiring Covid-19 measures the decision was made, to play concerts in Austria only for now, because planing an abroad-tour currently carries a certain risk – no one really knows, if the lockdowns are over or not etc.. But Cornerstone will for sure be back in the UK and in Germany next year, here are the dates for 2021 so far (more to come):

06/12 Vienna, Saloon Donauplex
06/19 Wiener Neustadt, Cafe Stadler
07/02 Lilienfeld, Salettl
07/10 Vienna, Coco Bar
08/05 Mautern, On the Beach
08/06 Marbach/Donau, Zur alten Fähre
08/13 Mariazell, Strandbuffet am Erlaufsee
08/27 Steyr, Schmankerlmarkt
09/03 Falkenstein, Siebenschläfer
09/04 Kapfenberg, Cafe-Lounge-Bar Illusion
09/18 Latschach, Cafe Seerose am Aichwaldsee
09/24 St. Georgen/Gusen, Longhorn Saloon
09/25 Villach, Bikerlounge
10/01 Wiener Neustadt, Cafe Stadler
10/02 Vienna, Saloon Donauplex
10/15 Ybbs/Donau, Dani’s Milchbar
10/16 Waidhofen/Thaya, Henry’s Cafe & Pub
11/13 Strasswalchen, Rock’n’Roll Cafe-Bar SuzieQ



New Album “Reflections” – available as download and in stores

+++ “This band could quite happily be on heavy rotation on American
radio: in the good old days, MTV would have loved this band.”
Fireworks Magazin, United Kingdom

+++ “… an unusual focus on arrangement details, and progressive melodic
hooks, excellent material, sounds like the recipe for a hit to me!”
Beau Hill/ Producer (Europe, Alice Cooper, Winger, …) U.S.A.

+++ “……their heroic AOR anthems speak the sort of language that should
win them a place in your hearts: massive choruses built for radio airplay… ”
Classic Rock Magazine, United Kingdom