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Crypta consisting of ex-members of Nervosa and Burning Witches is about to release the debut album ECHOES OF THE SOUL on Napalm Rec. The album stands for the vicious and brutal thrash/death metal outburst. Metal-Rules.Com contacted the guitarist of Crypta, Taina Bergamaschi, to talk about the debut album and upcoming plans.

Interview and live pic by Arto Lehtinen

What’s up in Crypta at the moment and how are you doing?

I am doing well. We just released our debut and it’s crazy! hah

CRYPTA – Rise From The Crypt

As far as Crypta is concerned, which consists of : Luana Dametto -Drums / Tainá Bergamaschi-Guitars / Sonia Anubis – Guitars and Fernanda Lira – Vocals, Bass. When Nervosa members went separate ways, as far I know you didn’t rest that much on laurels and started putting a new band together. How did every piece of the puzzle end up in the right place, did you already have plans about a new band during Nervosa?

In fact, Crypta already existed when Luana and Fernanda were still in Nervosa. The fact that it was announced after Nervosa split, was because only in May 2020 (almost a month after the split) that we managed to complete the quartet, with my joining in the band (Tainá).

When you started looking for and recruiting members, which aspects were the most important ones for you when finding the right persons to Crypta; by being on the same page about lyrics and music, getting along with everyone in a band, coming up with lethal kickass riffs ?

Well, I can tell from my joining the band, I always wanted to pursue a music career. There was nothing else I wanted to do. When the girls and I set up a meeting before joining them to show me the band’s proposal, it was exactly what I wanted, the touring life. You had to be prepared for what was to come. Fernanda, Sonia and Luana did some tests with other girls, but not all of them wanted to follow this routine.

As for Sonia, did you already know her personally from Burning Witches? Or how did you get to know her ?!

Luana and Fernanda already knew Sonia from a festival they played together with their bands. I didn’t know any of them by person haha, just by distance because I followed their work!

The name of the band, when forming a band the name is always more than important. Was the Crypta name already on your mind or did you have to go through several name options before finding the right one ?!

The girls went through several names until arriving in Crypta. During a tour, Fernanda and Luana visited a crypt in the Czech Republic and from there came the idea of the name!

Recording The first Crypta album

The album titled ECHOES OF THE SOUL was processed and recorded at Mob Studio in Brazil. How did this come about as the whole world has been more or less in lockdown and apparently the situation with covid-13 is rather bad in Brazil. How did you take care of yourselves during the process ?! Even Sonia was able to travel to Brazil to work with you ?!

Yes, Sonia came to Brazil for the recordings, and it was the first time we were all together after the beginning of the band. The compositions were made remotely, as well as the pre-production of the album. The studio was closed to the band only, we were able to rent a house that was on the same street as the studio, so we didn’t need to take public transport to go to the studio every day. When we arrived in São Paulo everyone was tested, the band, the studio team etc. For the recording of the video “From The Ashes”, the entire team was also tested.

Did you have to adjust Fernanda’s voice style somehow for Crypta’s Death/Thrash style? I have to admit her voice is and sounds evil.

Yes, Fernanda continues with the Fry Scream technique that she already uses, but she explored lower notes to better fit the genre.

As far as the title of the album is concerned – How did you pick ECHOES OF THE SOUL for the title and where were you inspired to name the album with that title?

The inspiration came from the songs. The songs for all of us are like an internal scream, an outburst. Whether in the lyrics, riffs, extreme voice, solos or drums. We all express ourselves internally in the songs, just like the song From The Ashes says.

As stated in the previous question, you recorded at the Mob Studio where you completed the material. The whole album material was mixed by Arthur Rizk and finally mastered by Jens Borgen – did the whole process go as described or did I miss something ?! Could you tell a bit more about the process?

Yes, that was it. It was amazing to work with both of them as they both knew exactly what we wanted. Both had recent work that sounded very close to what we wanted for ECHOES OF THE SOUL, so I think we got them both right.

How it was like to spend time in the studio where King Diamond has been?! Did you feel any magical “Abigail” moments?

I, Sonia and Fernanda are crazy about King Diamond and at the end of the recording, we did some rehearsals in the same room he rehearsed with the band. That was an awesome experience. When you stop and think about it, you get chills. haha

Did you come up with new tips and ideas during the recording process in the studio ?!

We went with all the songs ready for the studio, but yes, some things have changed. But there were more details. When recording my solos, one of them I had to change the ending because I accidentally finished a solo very similar to a solo by Sonia hahah, Fernanda noticed that and so I decided to change. I was very grateful to work with Thiago Vakka, our producer, who helped me a lot when changing a solo at the last minute. I really like to have time when it comes to writing solos.

The album cover of ECHOES OF THE SOUL looks really goddamn awesome, in my opinion and it’s been done by Wes Benscoter, who is responsible for covers for bands Autopsy, Mortician Nile, Broken Hope. Did you give a free hand for him to come up with the cover art in the first place? How did you work with him ?!

Yes, we had the idea of the coffin, the light coming from it, the candles, the smoke, etc. Like the demons on the wall that we love the idea, some details he added gave it a special touch. Wes’ work is really amazing.

Rehearsing And Live Gigs

The Crypta members are in two countries; you Taina, Fernanda and Luana come from Brazil, Sonia from the Netherlands. Of course, it is easy to communicate with each other by using different advanced communication technology. As for rehearsing and spending time together, it is indeed important. How do you handle this ?!

I do think it is important for us to be as close as possible, but I also attach the same importance for safety, for people who live in Brazil, which is in a very complicated situation, it’s hard for Sonia to come, it’s also for me (Tainá ) go to São Paulo and also to Luana, or they come to my house, etc. As for the rehearsals with dates set, we’ll take days
or weeks off to do intense rehearsals before going on stage.

Several metal bands and festivals have arranged live streams to give the metal fans something special to enjoy during the whole year. Have you ever planned on carrying out a streaming thing? If you did, how would it look like ?!

Yes, we’re planning a way to do a live stream because our fans are really looking forward to it, and today it’s a good way to promote the record. But we have to wait a little longer because as I said before, even us, me, Luana and Fernanda, who live in Brazil, live far from each other.

You haven’t played any show as Crypta, as far as I know. When you get on the stage, what can be expected from you on the stage ?! In this case, I can’t help asking if you have thought about playing some Nervosa songs from your era ?!

Well, after so long without playing, we’ll have to be careful and control ourselves not to waste all our energy on a first show hahaha. I particularly hope to be able to have good interaction with the audience during the show, to be expressive with our fans. Just as we feel about our music. And sharing that energy with the people in the audience and between us on stage. It will definitely be a show for us to have fun together. No, we don’t intend to play Nervosa songs at the moment. That was never discussed.

The past few years have been tough and quite brutal for bands to get gigs booked because of Covid-19 restrictions. However, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel in Europe and the USA. What kind of plans do you have for 2021 and 2022?

The USA is definitely in our plans, and we hope that a good opportunity will appear, I believe very soon. As for Europe, we have confirmed so far Wacken Open Air 2022 and a tour with Deicide and Krisiun.

Before concluding the interview, could you name your five personal albums that have had a major influence on you as a fan and a musician ?!

Individual Thought Patterns – Death
From Mars to Sirius – Gojira
Heartwork – Carcass
Ghost Reveries – Opeth
Annihilation of the Wicked – Nile

I’d like to thank you for your time answering this interview. The last words are yours!

Thank you so much for inviting us and for giving us the opportunity to talk about our work. It means a lot to us. To those who took the time to read this interview, thank you very, very much. We hope to see you on stage soon.

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