Liquid Steel, interview with Fabio Carta about MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS

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Interview by Cristóbal Torres


Liquid Steel is a heavy metal band that has a lot to talk about in recent days thanks to the release of their third album entitled: Mountains of Madness (2021).

This is a very interesting album because we are facing a case where the band has decided to take a step forward in their way of composing, but without losing the roots that made it popular among fans of the genre.

The result is one of the most applauded albums in the first half of the year. It is for this reason that we were able to get in touch with Fabio Carta, vocalist of Liquid Steel, to tell us about the current situation of the band at a very important juncture where tours and concerts seem to be back.

Metal-Rules (MR): How is the current situation in your local scene; Can concerts already be held or is confinement still going on?

Fabio Carta (Fabio): Hello Cristobal, hello Metal-rules. Thank you for the interview. I´m Fabio, the singer of Liquid Steel. Things are slowly getting better here. Concerts can be held soon, so we’re already planning some dates for the summer. We look forward to finally playing some live shows again and we can’t wait to see our friends and fans out there and play our new album live.

MR: You have maintained the same lineup since your debut album, what has been the factor that has allowed you to stick together all these years?

Fabio: It’s great that you actually mention that. We are 5 guys who are into the same kind of music and who like to play music together. I would like to believe that you can hear that in this album especially. I’ve known most of the guys longer than our band and so we know each other quite well. Also, we don’t really have a band leader, like other bands do, and we discuss everything together. We also share a similar kind of humour, I guess. I am proud to be in the band with the guys, we just like and appreciate each other a lot, you know.

MR: In what ways do you think the band has changed or evolved from the days of their first album to the present time when you present Mountains of Madness?

Fabio: We have maintained our Heavy Metal roots but we’ve also stepped up our game a little bit. I mean, when we started out we were full of piss and vinegar basically as they say, everything was more “on the edge”, sometimes we played everything twice as fast. On the new album we have gathered our strength and we have worked on the songs more. I think you can hear the result. The songs are maybe a bit more “mature”, more thought through with a lot of love to the detail.

MR: How different was the studio experience this time around, did you notice a difference compared to your previous albums?

Fabio: When you’re in the studio you always give your best. An album is like a snapshot. This time we worked once again with our producer Jay Hundert at Studio Hundert and we honestly couldn’t be happier. I know that everybody says that about their new album but I think it’s a very well-balanced album. Everything sits perfectly in the mix and I think we have achieved a perfect balance between our “old-school” attitude, when it comes to recording and a new approach, when it comes to the overall sound of the album. We are a traditional metal band but we don’t necessarily want to sound like a garage band from the 80s if you know what I mean. Jay and us have known each other from our previous album (Midnight Chaser, 2016) and I genuinely believe that we were able to top it.

MR: Your intention to go beyond simple traditional heavy metal is clear, what is it that motivates you to seek new grounds musically?

Fabio: It’s great that you say that. We want to keep it fresh and exciting and we constantly want to try out new things and introduce new elements in our music. We certainly don’t want to overdo it but we’re very pleased with the piano intro to our title track or with the choir in “Thunder and Lightning” which we haven’t done before.

MR: Your lyrics are very interesting because they can be read even without listening to the music. How is the process of writing them; from the beginning do you think in verses or do you write everything freely and then fit it in with the song?

Fabio: Thank you so much. I don’t always find it easy to come up with some fitting lyrics to the song. The music always comes first. Most of the time our guitarists come up with a riff or with the entire song and I write the lyrics around it. For example, our guitarist Julle came up with the song “Thunder and Lightning” and told me that’s exactly what the song is going to be called. I was like, “great, what’s it about?” and he goes “well, that’s your job then”. Joking aside, I get all the freedom when it comes down to my lyrics and I am very glad about it. When I listen to the songs I am in a certain mindset. I try to ignore my environment and I get absorbed into the song completely.

liquid steel Mountains of Madness

MR: What motivated you to release this album on a label, considering that you released Midnight Chaser independently?

Fabio: We weren’t intentionally looking for a label but we knew Bernie from Metalizer Records and we instantly clicked. Bernie is a great guy, we get full support from his label and so it all made sense.

MR: Mountains of Madness has come out in many formats, both vinyl, cassette and CD. Do you think this breaks the myth that the internet came to kill music or is it an exception to the rule?

Fabio: Well, we’re pretty much underground, so everything we release is limited to a certain extent, you know. I am still an old-school metalhead and I prefer listening to music on vinyl but I also check out a lot of new bands online. I don’t know, it’s complicated. I am glad that I don’t have to live from music quite frankly. We really appreciate all the support we get and I hope that you guys continue to support real music and real bands, go to gigs, buy the album and get a shirt. This way bands can carry on.

Liquid Steel Band

MR: Have you noticed an increase in the popularity of the band over the years or do you consider that everything is the same as in 2014?

Fabio: Maybe there is a little more interest in us now than let’s say 6 or 7 years ago but we’re still with our feet on the ground pretty much.

MR: There is no doubt that you have given many steps forward, however, what is missing so that we can see bands like you headlining concerts in stadiums?

Fabio: Thank you for your kind words. I don’t think that will ever happen because we’re in our own little bubble and that’s ok. We have a lot of fun recording, we love to travel and play live but maybe we just don’t fit in a certain type of scheme, who knows? And who are the big bands anyway that will be headlining stadiums in 10 years from now? When the Maidens and the Metallicas are gone I honestly don’t know who will fill their shoes?

MR: Now that you have released the album, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Fabio: Well, obviously we all want to play, so we are planning some dates this summer and see what happens. We’re doing lots of interviews and promotion stuff right now, which is a good sign. We are releasing the album on cassette soon and there’s going to be a new lyric video as well.

MR: Thank you very much for your time and congratulations on this album, any final words for readers?

Fabio: We’d like to say thank you for your support, we are overwhelmed by the positive response and it’s a great pleasure when people from oversea check out our merch. Stay positive, listen to Metal and have a great time. In Steel We Trust!


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