Robin McAuley-Standing On The Edge

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Reviewed:  June 2021

Released:  May 2021, Frontiers Music SRL

Rating:  4/5

Reviewer:  Buddy H


One of the greatest things about being a hard rock and metal fan is the connection we make with a certain artist or band. Once that connection is made, their music becomes a part of who we are.  Most people just cannot comprehend that special link and the loyalty we exhibit.  One of my favorite movie quotes comes from Almost Famous and sums this concept up perfectly: “They don’t even know what it is to be a fan. Y’know? To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band….”  For this simple lover of all things hard rock and metal, my connection with Robin McAuley was firmly established in 1987 with the McAuley Schenker Group masterpiece, PERFECT TIMING.  Fast forward to 2021, and we are presented with his latest solo endeavor, STANDING ON THE EDGE.


STANDING ON THE EDGE is exactly the album you would expect from start to finish.  Take equal parts Black Swan, Dokken, Survivor, and Giuffria, mix thoroughly, and you have a splendid cocktail of heavy rockers and melodic hook laden AOR. As you would assume, Robin’s instantly identifiable vocals are front and center.  His range has not diminished one bit and it is simply remarkable to hear him perform at such a high level after all these years.  The supporting cast are equally impressive.   Andrea Seveso’s guitars instantly bring Reb Beach and George Lynch to mind!  The solos are tastefully written and executed and never over the top.  Alessandro Del Vecchio works overtime supplying bass and keyboards.  The keyboards have a definite House of Lords/Giuffria flavor about them and the bass, when combined with Nicholas Papappicco’s powerful drums, create a super solid rhythm section.


Because this album offers something for everyone, highlights are truly subjective and are solely dependent on the mood you’re in when you press play.  To satisfy your melodic hard rock cravings, look to “Thy Will Be Done” (with its House of Lords-ish keys), “Standing On The Edge” (with some fiery Reb Beach and George Lynch like guitar work), “Say Goodbye” (with its Dokken-esque chorus) and the blistering album closer, “Running Out Of Time”.  For hooky AOR goodness, look no further than “Do You Remember”, “Supposed To Know” and “Like A Ghost”.


With a career spanning four decades, Robin McAuley has absolutely nothing left to prove to the music world.  Yet, with his latest solo release, STANDING ON THE EDGE, he makes a powerful statement confirming his relevance and belonging in today’s hard rock and metal scene.  He is one of the true “good guys” of hard rock and deserves our respect and support.  Buy this album.  You will not be disappointed!

Track Listing:

  1. Thy Will Be Done
  2. Standing On The Edge
  3. Late December
  4. Do You Remember
  5. Say Goodbye
  6. Chosen Few
  7. Run Away
  8. Supposed To Do Now
  9. Wanna Take A Ride
  10. Like A Ghost
  11. Running Out Of Time

Line Up:

Robin McAuley – Lead Vocals

Andrea Seveso – Guitars

Alessandro Del Vecchio – Bass Guitar, Keyboards

Nicholas Papappicco – Drums

Howard Leese – Guitars on “Supposed To Do Now”

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