Stratofortress – Anthems of the World

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StratofortresS "Anthems of the world" THE OFFICIAL TRIBUTE ALBUM TO STRATOVARIUS

Reviewed – May, 2021
Released – 2021, Elevate Records
Rating – 4/5
Reviewer – Cristóbal Torres

At the end of May a Stratovarius cover album aptly named ANTHEMS OF THE WORLD came out. Although the album brings together various musicians and groups, including former members of the legendary band, the entire project is called STRATOFORTRESS and is coordinated by Italian vocalist Iliour Griften.

ANTHEMS OF THE WORLD takes up songs from the different eras of Stratovarius including its golden age from the mid-90s and early 2000s to the present. Although they include the obligatory songs that everyone knows; luckily they also give space to new cuts like “Halcyon Days” and “Shine in the dark”.

The performances fully respect the original songs. They did not change them so much; in most of the cases (or perhaps in all) they kept the same tuning and added new arrangements that fortunately did not change the original conception of the compositions.

The list of musicians and bands that make up this tribute is very extensive; the vast majority are underground musicians who show their talent when making a faithful and precise interpretation of the songs. With them we also find established musicians such as Bob Katsionis, Mike LePond and even Timo Tolkki himself.

We can say that this is an official tribute because it was mastered by the current guitarist of the band: Matias Kupiainen, which gives a kind of authentication stamp to all the songs; a nod that lets Stratovarius fans know that the songs they will hear are of quality.

ANTHEMS OF THE WORLD is a good album that will allow us to re-savor the songs that Stratovarius fans love so much; the new interpretations will give us a strange but pleasant sensation of listening to the pieces for the first time, a truly longed-for feeling.



  1. Destiny (StratospherE – StratovariuS Tribute (since 1999) – Feat. Timo Tolkki) (*) Mastered by Matias Kupiainen)

  2. Hunting high and low (Kublai Kapsalis feat. Jari Behm (ex Stratovarius bassist) and Elmas MT (Vivaldi Metal Project)

  3. Black Diamond (BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY)

  4. Distant Skies (Marko Pukkila feat. Juhani Malmberg (guitarist of Timo Kotipelto)

  5. Eternity (Dark Horizon)

  6. Hold on to your dream (Heart Attack feat. Bob Katsionis (Firewind)

  7. Anthem of the world – Andrea Atzori Tales and Legends (On the vocals Patrik J Selleby (Bloodbound, Shadowquest)

  8. Paradise Heaven Denies

  9. Shine in the dark (Magma Lake)

  10. Playing with fire (Gépmadár feat. @Peter Schrott (The Voice of Hungary)

  11. Father Time (Iliour Griften, feat. Mike LePond, M° Mistheria)


  13. The Kiss of Judas (Silent Saga)

  14. Halcyon days – Sunrise