Kaifeck – Rebirth

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kaifeck rebirthReviewed – May, 2021
Released – 2021, Independent
Rating -2/5
Reviewer – Cristóbal Torres

Kaifeck is a German band born in 2016. After five years of travel, finally at the end of May they released their debut album entitled REBIRTH (2021), a 10-piece work with which the group wants to become known. His style is a combination of innumerable influences that converge in a modern sound and a lot of groove.

The first song they released was “Mars Arise”; a piece that follows the pattern of very contemporary bands using low tunings and a combination of clean voices with guttural voices. Who expects a classic old school sound better stay away because you will not find any of that on this album.

The production has some details that diminish the experience of the listener, for example, the mix; sometimes the volume of the voice is well below the rest of the instruments, which makes it difficult to appreciate (although being guttural, it doesn’t really matter much).

This is a shame because compositionally they present very interesting ideas that cannot be fully appreciated. The songs have a good cadence, fitting very well to the rhythm of the lyrics. An interesting constant is the use of arpeggios to introduce his compositions, something that gives an interesting touch to his songs.

Taking into account that it is a band that is taking its first steps, REBIRTH is an excellent first step; from it they will be able to improve details so that their music reaches the level of forcefulness and power at the production level that other bands of their genre offer.


kaifeck bandLineup:
Andreas Strasser – Vocals, Bass
Lukas Koller – Lead Guitar
Adrian Schurius – Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Jakob Martin – Drums, Bass


  1. Mars Arise (04:43)

  2. Meteorite (04:14)

  3. Palace of Light (04:51)

  4. Fragment (Lumen) (02:35)

  5. The Charging Bull (03:59)

  6. Close to the Edge (04:43)

  7. Beyond (05:54)

  8. Fragment (Glut) (02:53)

  9. Infinite Dive (05:07)

  10. From Above (05:33)




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