Ignitor-The Golden Age Of Black Magick

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Reviewed – 2021
Released – 2020, Metal On Metal
Rating – 4/5
Reviewer – JP

Over the years we haven’t given enough coverage to Ignitor.  I swore that I had written a review for ROAD OF BONES back in ’07, but after checking the Metal-Rules database that does not seem to be the case!  I’ll make up (a little bit) for it by get us caught up with a look at the bands last album, THE GOLDEN AGE OF BLACK MAGICK.

Guitarist Robert Williams was kind enough to send along the latest album along with a copy of his other project Texas Metal Outlaws. Watch for my interview with him shortly as well.

THE GOLDEN AGE OF BLACK MAGICK was released on Halloween of 2020. The band has changed once again (for the fourth time!) and now they are on Metal On Metal Records, which is actually a really good fit. The presentation and packaging is solid, and the band look hungry and mean. The line-up up has pretty much stabilized now after some early career changes here and there.

There seems to be a lyrical and sonic theme running through this album, their seventh.   As you might guess from the title, magic, the arcane, history and violence seem to be emphasized more so than some of the party-themed stylings of some of the other albums.
Ignitor play classic Metal to the core. McMaster sounds pretty fierce on this one, check out his work on ‘Hell Shall Be Your home’!   The albums rumbles along, mostly mid-paced to quick with a good sense of momentum.  The band occasionally inject a bit of dirty rock n roll into the classic/traditional Metal proceedings.  The in-house production by veteran Stuart Lawrence sounds warm and loud.  My only complaint? It’s too short at a mere 35 minutes!  The band rip through the eight tracks pretty quick and leave us wanting more.

THE GOLDEN AGE OF BLACK MAGICK is as good as anything the band has done to date as they slowly and methodically build a very impressive catalogue.

Track Listing:

1. Secrets of the Ram
2. Countess Apollyon
3. The Golden Age of Black Magick
4. Hell Shall Be Your Home
5. Tonight We Ride
6. Steel Flesh Bone
7. Execution Without Trial
8.Stoned at the Acropolis

Line Up:

Pat Doyle-Drums
Stuart Laurence-Guitar
Jason McMaster-Vocals
Billy Dansfiell-Bass
Robert Williams-Guitar


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