Anahata – Auspicious Atavism

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anahata auspicious atavismReviewed – May, 2021
Released – 2021, Independent
Rating – 3/5
Reviewer – Cristóbal Torres

Anahata is a project created by musicians Kyle Brickell (guitar, bass, drums) and Ioan Tetlow (voice). Accompanied by Jack Heath (guitar), in mid-May they released their debut album: AUSPICIOUS ATAVISM (2021), a ten-piece work with a sound delivered to the most basic and elemental heavy metal, without this meaning something bad … but almost.

His songs are very basic, featuring a very simple riff; their merit lies in the progression of their structure because without displaying great technique in the instruments they are capable of generating very different moments from each other. The merit becomes greater when we hear Tetlow’s voice; that completely breaks what you could hear in the genre.

Its timbre is lower than what is usually heard, although it has the ability to reach high treble. He is somewhat reminiscent of Johnny La Bomba’s timbre, especially when he rasps his voice, yet his resources are still limited; his performance can still express much more than he expresses in songs.

Despite the fact that Brickell has very few technical resources, it is still possible to listen to remarkable songs, such as “Strength Through Steel”; here we appreciate very clearly the merits of this project: it has a good introduction, it has a good basic riff and the lyrics are one of the best elaborated of the whole album, as its cadence combines perfectly with the music. Unfortunately they take a 180 degree turn towards black metal throwing away all the good that this piece had to offer.

The previous piece allows us to think that we are facing a band that knows how to use its resources very well, but that is still in a stage of exploration and experimentation. It will be necessary to wait if they continue or AUSPICIOUS ATAVISM will only be their only job in years. In any case, it is an album that shines for the merit involved in creating a work from the field of independents.


Ioan Tetlow – Vocals
Jack Heath – Lead Guitar
Kyle Brickell – Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums
Alex Snape – Mixing, Mastering, Production

1. The Atavist
2. Imperium
3. Zero (Beneath the Mountain)
4. Strength Through Steel
5. Hymn to Lykeios
6. Son of Fate
7. Forefathers
8. The Thunderer
9. Hierophany
10. Death of a Hero



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