Kickin’ Valentina – bass player Chris Tayler

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Bass player Chris Tayler – Kickin’ Valentina

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks Fernando Reis at Mighty Music/Target Group for setting up the interview
Thanks to Mighty Music for the promo pictures of the band.

Here’s a shorter interview with Kickin’ Valentina from Atlanta, Georgia U.S. Early this year the band released their third album, THE REVENGE OF ROCK which follows up their previous album from 2017, IMAGINARY CREATURES. In between, the band released an EP called CHAOS IN COPENHAGEN (2019). Although the band comes from the U.S. they are signed to Danish label Mighty Music and I had the pleasure to have a brief chat with bass player Chris Tayler about the new album, changing singers, and the current state of COVID-19 in Atlanta. If you are in to band’s like AC/DC or Guns ‘n’ Roses then Kickin’ Valentina ought to be something for you.


Hi Chris. What did fans and media think of your previous efforts IMAGINARY CREATURES and CHAOS IN COPENHAGEN?

Chris: Both of those albums were received really well from press and fans. CHOAS was our first release with DK and fans welcomed him with open arms, so we were really happy about that.

Back in 2018 singer Joe Edwards left and was replaced by Brian Bezotte, but only for a year. Why was Brian’s stay so short?

Chris: Brian was only in the band for about 4-5 months. Once we started doing shows, he decided touring wasn’t for him.

How did new singer D.K Revelle end up in the band, are you guys old friends?

Chris: DK was someone that we knew about from when he was in Jetboy. He was actually the first singer Heber and Jimmy spoke to when they first put the band together. At the time, it wasn’t in the cards for him to join. When Brian left, we sat down and thought of all of the singers we liked, and who we were interested in pursuing, and DK was at the top of the list.

When did the band begin to work on material to the new album THE REVENGE OF ROCK?

Chris: We started writing songs as soon as DK joined the band.

Who writes the material and what are the lyrics about this time around?

Chris: We all contribute to writing. Usually Heber or I will bring a riff idea in, and then we will jam on it until we have a full song. Then we send it off to DK to get his feedback, and he’ll write the lyrics. Lyrically, a lot of the songs are about having fun and kinda light hearted. There are enough bands out there that are too serious. We want fans to forget about the problems in the world or whatever may be going on in their life, and just have fun while listening to us or watching us live.

The info sheet claims Kickin” Valentina to be a hard rock sensation…how does that feel? Do you agree with those words?

Chris: It’s nice to hear people say that, but we’re just 4 dudes playing R’n’R, and are happy to have people embrace what we do.

Did the band feet any pressure on delivering something extra when it came to THE REVENGE OF ROCK?

Chris: Yes and no. We knew since it was our first full length with DK, that it had to be good and we wanted fans to embrace it. With that said, we took the same approach we always have, and just wrote songs that we enjoy and didn’t try to go into any particular direction.

War (official video)


Why did you title the album THE REVENGE OF ROCK? Does it have any special meaning and who came up with the name?

Chris: The title is just basically about some of the bands we grew up listening to and a nod to some of the newer school bands waving the flag. For the most part, R’n’R has gone back to the underground, but there has been a really good scene brewing out there and bands are just doing their thing without the help of mainstream media outlets.

How would you like to describe what kind of music the band plays?

Chris: It’s just straight up hard rock.

I read that fans of Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC would appreciate your music, do you agree? Do you see any musical similarities with above-mentioned acts?

Chris: I agree with that. Those bands are obvious influences. All of us have our different personal influences from punk rock to blues to more melodic rock, and we throw it all on the table when we write.

I read some reviews of the album and everyone’s really positive, congratulations! How does it feel to get so many positive reviews?

Chris: Thank you. It’s been nice to get good press from it.

What’s the status regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in Atlanta?

Chris: Our state just opened up 100% about a week ago. Not all states are completely open so it still makes it difficult to tour properly.

I guess you have to re-schedule the European/Scandinavian dates that was supposed to happen in February/May?

Chris: We are hoping to get back to Europe in August, so hopefully things will start opening back up so we can make that happen.

Is the band eager to head out on the road and meet the fans? When do you think it’s possible for you to come over to Scandinavia?

Chris: We can’t wait to tour again. We hope to be back in Scandinavia in August.

Somebody New (official video)

Well, that was all for me and, thanks for taking the time making the interview, stay safe and healthy! Do you have any final words of wisdom to share with fans and readers?

Chris: Thank you for doing the interview. I just want to thank all of the fans for sticking by us though everything the past couple years, and now with everything going on with Covid. We’ll be back on the road as soon as we possibly can.

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