Vrademargk – Arrelats

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Reviewed: May 2021
Released: 2021, self-released
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Spacing out album releases across a big number of years can be something of a mixed blessing. Either the final product tends to reflect the maturity of the band or it turns out to be nothing short of an overhyped pile of disappointment. Thankfully, the latest release from Spanish death metal group Vrademargk, falls into the former.

A casual listener would easily think this was a Scandinavian release if it weren’t for the Spanish lyrics, and eight years away from the studio has had the Catalonians working hard against the odds of setbacks and line-up changes to give the world an awe-inspiring hew of melodic death metal gold.

Swedes in particular would enjoy this, for I was reminded a lot of At the Gates, Cemetery Urn and Hyperion to name a few of the greats from that nation, though any European death metal lover will certainly dig this album if they specialise in either the old school or the melodic.

Despite being melodic, the technicalities of this release do pack a strong punch with the drums and guitars wowing the listener at every corner. Vrademargk are an experienced band and their time away has been spent well in perfecting their talents.

Overall, with excellent production mastering and the volumes and depths of all seven tracks set to a strong level, Vrademargk have lit a new beacon of unholy light in their country’s death metal scene, and it is they who will carry the proverbial torch into the unholiness of Spain’s death metal output in the near future.

Buen trabajo amigos!



1. Lividesa
2. Arrelats
3. Estigmes Sobre Cendres
4. L’Alè Dels Indòmits
5. L’Art De Morir
6. Egocidi
7. Eudaimonia

Band line-up:

Manel Rodríguez – Drums
Rafael Ruiz – Guitars
Jordi Urbano – Vocals
German Padierna – Bass

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