Visions of Dystopia – A Nightmare on Dystopian Street

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VisionsOfDystopia-a nightmare on dystopian streetReviewed: April, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Visions of Dystopia is a project born from the minds of composers: Eric Juskewycz and Damien Maurel, two musicians who decided to combine two passions in common: music and horror movies. In mid-April the duo released an album entitled: A NIGHTMARE ON DYSTOPIAN STREET (2021), through the M&O Music label, with eight pieces that pay tribute to the best of horror cinema, both 80s and cult.

The entire album is instrumental. Each piece is dedicated to a specific movie and in each one we can hear the interpretation of iconic scenes. At first I thought they had taken the original audio from the movies, but no! They used actors who did an incredible histrionic job with their voices, adding a lot of drama to their participation.

The result is quite interesting but above all immersive, since they manage to expand the universe of the referred film from its music. We hear from the most mainstream like Saw or A Nightmare on Elm Street, to more hidden works like The Fearless Vampire Killers by Roman Polanski.

Although the pieces are brief, compositionally you can hear two creative minds exploding in the best possible way. The absence of a voice line makes all the melodic sense fall on the instruments, building very interesting passages from the guitar and the keyboard; but also building devastating riffs that show that the two musicians are fans of the genre they interpret.

A NIGHTMARE ON DYSTOPIAN STREET has a great immersive capacity thanks to its excellent melodic hooks. It can appeal to both movie fans and music fans alike. You can listen to two technically gifted musicians, but also very skilled when producing their own music.


visions of dystopiaLineup:
Eric Juskewycz: Guitar, bass
Damien Maurel: Keyboards, sampling, drum programming

1 – Shapeless Dreams
2 – Kill The Fear
3 – From the Depths of Hell
4 – The Call
5 – The Devil Inside
6 – Be Afraid
7 – Till The End
8 – Suffering Games


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