Steel, Jo-Killer Magazine #1 (Magazine review)

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Reviewed: May 2021
Released: 2021, Indie
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

In the eternal war against crappy music, every army needs it’s foot soldiers and it’s leaders. Joe Capitalicide is one of those leaders. This guys does it all, a true Metal warrior.  Artist in such bands as Iron Dogs, Expunged, Aphrodite among others and his likely most well-known project, Ice War.  The multi-instrumental Canadian has also done producing, mixing, mastering, artwork and now we can add publisher to his metal resume.

Killer Magazine is the first issue, available as of early 2021. Normally, I don’t review magazines unless it is a new ‘zine on the scene and it is issue #1, which is the case here. The warriors in the trenches need their propaganda sheets to keep up morale.

Killer is an 8.5 x 11, black and white, 22 page, printed magazine. There is a slight distinction between fanzine and magazine, and really while Killer is a magazine (not photocopied) it is about as close to a true Metal underground zine as you can get.  Everything about this is done right. It’s blurry, it is cut and paste, it’s not symmetrical, it has a centerfold of Helvetet’s Port! Handsome Dogs!  There are ads, but not glossy ads for crap bands, just a few Metal ads for distros, labels and the like.

Killer does not sell the sizzle like so many mainstream Metal rags, and Jo realizes that content is king.  Stripped raw we get 15 interviews of 15 cool bands.  I’m not going to list them all but there is hot mix of heritage artists (Overdrive, Acid), veterans (Bullet and Enforcer) and young guns like Viperwitch.  We get a bonus interview with Canuck Metal icon and man-about-town, Dan Neild (Gatekrashor etc).  The interviews are short and sweet, no fluff, and thankfully, no politics and no pandering.

So that is it. No long-winded editorials, no crossword puzzles, no ads for non-Metal crap, just interviews and support for the Metal; NWOBHM, USPM, Speed Metal and the truest of the true.  Buy or die, poser!

You can get Killer right here.

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