Domkraft – Seeds

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Domkraft – Seeds
Reviewed: May 2021
Released: 2021, Magnetic Eye Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Heavy doesn’t even begin to describe this album.

The third full length from Sweden’s Domkraft, SEEDS is a hulking beast of a record. Equal parts beauty and anguish, it’s a trance inducing collection of hypnotic riffs, spacey arrangements and thoroughly dense rhythmic walls. It’s hard to pin down Domkraft’s sound for those who aren’t familiar with the band.  Squeezing Domkraft into the constraints of doom, sludge, stoner, or whatever would be a vast oversimplification. Maybe Kylesa by way of SubRosa? Closer, but still not quite on the mark.

Regardless, Domkraft weaves a compelling listen throughout SEEDS. From its defiant opening title track to the crashing crescendos of “Audiodome,” each song presents itself as being vitally necessary in order to properly tell the story of SEEDS. Martin Wegeland’s mournful wails across “Perpetuator” make it an easy favorite, as does “Dawn of Man” with its menacing, pulsating presence. Each tune surrounds itself with an intentionally dense veneer, but beneath the surface there’s an abundance of (what feels like) improvisational jams, shifting tempos and Hendrix worthy guitar solos drenched in flange, wah, and flair. At times the songs are subdued and introspective, other times they’re screaming in your face pleading for understanding, but they’re always successful at drawing you in closer.

SEEDS is the sound of a band that’s been honing and refining their craft over the last several years, waiting for this moment to share the fruits of that labor with their audience, while at the same time knowing full and well just how good it is. Domkraft have always been one of the scene’s best and most underrated bands, and if there’s any justice in the world, this will be the album that rightfully elevates their profile. If you like your tunes slow, heavy, and full of surprises, SEEDS doesn’t disappoint.


Track List:
1. Seeds
2. Perpetuator
3. Into Orbit
4. Dawn of Man
5. Tremors
6. Krank Blekhet
7. Audiodome


Martin Wegeland – Bass, Vocals
Anders Dahlgren – Drums
Martin Widholm – Guitars