Yarima – The Strings of Fate

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yarima the strings of faithReviewed – April, 2021
Released – 2021, Independent
Rating – 4/5
Reviewer – Cristóbal Torres

At the end of April, Yarimā Kuro’s debut album entitled: THE STRINGS OF FATE (2021) was released, an album that can navigate the seas of symphonic metal, with the great particularity that sometimes Japanese instruments such as the koto and the shamisen are heard . The result is very pleasant to the ear and allows you to listen to a highly talented artist.

Yarimā Kuro is the first piece of a concept that had not been seen before: a record label focused on creating a musical universe where all its members are part of it. In fact, if you go to their website, it seems that you are entering an RPG video game with so many characters, races and planets that appear there.

This would be of no value if musically it did not offer anything. Fortunately, Yarimā Kuro is an artist of enormous level. Her privileged voice is the total protagonist of all the compositions, as in “My Reality” and the spectacular “Life and Death”.

The main characteristic of this vocalist is that she navigates through two completely different styles, using a soprano level exclusively in the choruses, making her melodic lines have even more light and brightness.

Her songs make excellent use of melody; those are able to hold the listener’s attention even without showing technically high passages. Her resources are enough and they are perfectly well used to be able to listen to varied songs and not at all boring, as in “Be the Dragon”.

Although I do not have the confirmed data, everything seems to indicate that it is Yarimā herself who is in charge of composing and interpreting all the instruments. The credits only mention a certain Gaius Black in charge of mixing, mastering and arrangements. If this is true, we are facing an authorial flash of enormous significance.

Regardless of the universe that tries to build his label, the truth is that Yarimā Kuro shines with her own light. She has released a truly moving album that is enjoyed from start to finish without any problems. Fortunately, the artist has a great touch on social networks, which has allowed her to launch this debut album with an interesting fan base, so we can be sure that she will not get lost in the huge sea of music that exists today.


Yarimā Kuro – Vocals

1. Finally Free
2. My Reality
3. Brand New Day
4. Like a Flower Petal
5. Lessons You Have Learned
6. Only the Brave
7. The Strings of Fate
8. Be the Dragon
9. Life & Death
10. Forever Bound



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