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dream map the other sideReviewed – April, 2021
Released – 2021, Independent
Rating – 4/5
Reviewer – Cristóbal Torres

Dream Map is a duo formed by the Hungarian composer, Norbert Gobor, and the Dutch vocalist, Vivian Franken. At the end of May they will release their debut album entitled: THE OTHER SIDE (2021), an incredible thirteen piece opus that will be a great delight for fans of symphonic metal.

Gobor is not improvised when it comes to musical composition; he has had the opportunity to work for several television channels, so this is a true musician who masters his own compositional resources to perfection and takes them exactly where he wants.

The hand of his own composition is noticeable; it does not use the riff as the basis for building a song but rather indulges in chord progression. The riffs serve as a resource to give variety to the vocal melodies.

The chemistry he achieved with Franken was very fluid, as she was in charge of writing the lyrics and interpreting them and the way in which her melodic lines are amalgamated with all the music is truly monumental, as in the piece “Memories”.

The amount of resources that Norbert Gobor uses and the way in which he adds them throughout his compositions is incredible, especially at the beginning of his pieces, as in “Spark of Hope” and “Avalon”, whose textures completely capture the listener from beginning to end.

It should be noted that Norbert himself is also an audio engineer, which allowed him to work on his own compositions; this is immediately noticeable in the great sound he achieved. Guitar riffs coexist perfectly alongside orchestral arrangements. It is an incredible balance that allows you to fully appreciate the compositional quality of each song.

Vivian Franken’s voice is far removed from what we generally hear in the genre. This does not mean that she is bad, not at all, her vocal resources are not those of the typical soprano, although in some choirs it is heard that she does not have any trouble singing that way.

Her timbre and vocal technique are reminiscent of other female vocalists like Heather Michele, with a lower tonality than one might expect from a female but highly melodic vowel, ideal for infusing the lyrics with strength. The result is interesting and pleasant to the ear.

Definitely Dream Map is a project that will leave all lovers of the genre more than satisfied. THE OTHER SIDE is an album that takes place without any compositional valley, as each piece takes you to the next until it is finished completely. It is incredible that an album of this caliber was born only by two people in two different parts of the world.

DREAM MAP bandLineup
Norbert Gobor – composer, multi-instrumentalist, production, mixing & mastering
Vivian Franken – lyrics & vocals

01 Black Horizon
02 Spark of Hope
03 Avalon
04 Escape from Darkness
05 Memories
06 The Prophecy
07 Wanderer
08 Golden Light
09 Sirens Call
10 Witchcraft
11 River of Death
12 Eternity
13 The Other Side

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/dreammapmusic/
Official website: dreammapmusic.com


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