VREID Go Back To Their Roots on Fourth Video/Single, “Into The Mountains” From Their Upcoming Album/Movie WILD NORTH WEST

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VREID Presents the Premiere of “INTO THE MOUNTAINS”

This is the 4th video from our forthcoming album and movie Wild North West. The Movie premieres on our Facebook 29th of April 9pm CET (3pm EDT) and the album is out on Season of Mist April 30th.

Watch the full movie for “Into the Mountains” here:

“Into the Mountains is the essence of Sognametal, a hymn to Sogndal and a celebration of our ancestors and legacy. Late winter 2020 preparing for the new album, I went through my old recording hard discs and I found some old ideas for riffs that I had made in 2002. It was from a session between the ‘1184’ and ‘Likferd’ albums from WINDIR. I also found some unused keyboard parts recorded by Valfar from the same period. I could not remember these and became euphoric by rediscovering this. So, I blocked out the outside world, locked myself in the studio, and it instantly sent me 20 years back in time. I felt spellbound while working on this song. For a few days it felt like me and Valfar were working together in the studio again, and what a weird and fantastic session it was. The dynamic of working together with Valfar is something that I will always miss, and these strange days it felt like a journey into a lost time. The result of this session is “Into the Mountains”, a song that feels so pure, fresh and vital for us, yet with a great homage to our olden times. Life is a strange and curvy road.”

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In the video, the band members can be seen paying tribute to their past by wearing WINDIR, ULCUS, AND ULCUS MOLLE…bands that were pioneers in the Sognametal sound.


On April 29th at 9PM CET Vreid will stream the World Premiere of the new Movie WILD NORTH WEST!

The stream will take place in this event and on Season of Mist Youtube channel.

The stream is free to watch, but we strongly hope you will support the project by donating an amount of your choice to Vreid. Donations can be done by:

PayPal: paypal.me/vreidofficial
Vipps: 103006
Donations are open from now.

This is an exclusive premiere of a unique pioneer project.

The band’s ninth record is not just a collection of songs, but a concept album that developed alongside an entire movie. Throughout eight chapters the listener will be taken on a journey deep into the mountains, to a dark place where the borders between reality and fantasy fade and where death is only one step behind you.The movie is a collection of 8 music videos put together as a full movie. The recording is done in its entirety in the Sogn region.

The Movie lasts for 55 min.

In the stream there will also be a warm up session for approx. 25 min including interviews, clips from the movie, band history and more.
This is one for the history books, join us into The Wild North West on April 29th 9PM CET!

Preorder the album and your Sognametal merch here:

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