Destiny’s End albums – Breathe Deep the Dark (1998) and Transition (2001) – reissued

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On April 9th, Jolly Roger Records in Italy will unleash vinyl reissues of both Destiny’s End albums – Breathe Deep the Dark (1998) and Transition (2001). Though both discs were originally pressed by Metal Blade Records on CD, this marks their first outing as big 12-inch records!

For the uninitiated, Destiny’s End was a Los Angeles-based power metal band born in 1997, when 3 ex-New Eden members (guitarist Dan DeLucie, bassist Nardo Andi and drummerDestiny's End - Breathe Deep the Dark Brian Craig), joined forces with Helstar vocalist James Rivera and new guitarist recruit Perry M. Grayson. Between 1997 and 2001, Destiny’s End was signed to Metal Blade Records, releasing two full-length albums and touring both in the U.S. and Europe with the likes of Iced Earth, Nevermore, Mercyful Fate, Sacred Steel and Wardog. The European tour culminated in a set at the illustrious Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany.

Destiny’s End played a unique blend of technical, melodic power metal with heavy riffs, catchy hooks and thought provoking lyrics. The intricate guitar work of Dan DeLucie and Perry Grayson combined with the thunderous and precise rhythm section of Andi and Craig, provided the perfect vibe for Rivera’s high-ranged vocals. While DE was influenced by such icons as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Savatage, Sanctuary, Fates Warning and Death, they were a unique band with their own unique identity.

The Breathe Deep the Dark LP features a long-lost DE tune, “Thief of Life,” which was initially tagged for use as a Japanese bonus track. As Breathe Deep the Dark was never issued in Japan, the track hasn’t been heard by most of the metal scene. Breathe Deep the Dark was co-produced and recorded by legendary Metal Blade house engineer Bill Metoyer.

The Transition LP is a very special and rare gem. It marks the first time metalheads will get to hear co-producer/engineer Joe Floyd’s original March 2000 mix of the album. Floyd (also guitarist for the band Warrior) completed the first Transition mix at his studio, Silver Cloud, which was rejected by Metal Blade. The finished CD, released in 2001, was remixedDestiny's End - Transition by Achim Koehler without input from any of the DE members. “Joe’s mix of Transition is my preferred version of Transition! I’m truly stoked that people will finally get to hear it the way we intended!” enthuses axeman Perry Grayson. Grayson left DE in April of 2000 just after Floyd finished his mix, but his guitar tracks remained on the finished product. His picture was replaced on the Transition CD booklet by one of fill-in guitarist Eric Halpern, but that situation has been rectified on the new vinyl version!

Both gatefold LPs were mastered for vinyl by Patrick Engel and feature comprehensive liner notes by Perry Grayson.

Following the release of Transition, Destiny’s End inexplicably disappeared. Guitarist Dan DeLucie joined forces with the late singer Michael Grant (ex-Onward) and released two Crescent Shield albums. Perry Grayson founded vintage-style heavy rock power trio Falcon, releasing a self-titled debut (2004) and Die Wontcha (2008), which also featured Cirith Ungol member Greg Lindstrom. Grayson also took part in Solstice guitarist Rich Walker’s Isen Torr project. Drummer Brian Craig was later heard alongside James Rivera in Seven Witches. In the years following the release of Transition, Rivera has revived Helstar, among other projects.


Destiny's End - Live at the Reseda Country Club, CA - September 18, 1998


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