Interview with Evilizers

Evilizers - Solar Quake Promo 2021
Evilizers - Solar Quake Promo 2021
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Interview with Fabio Attacco (vocals)

Interview by Andrea Di Stasio

Evilizers - Solar Quake Promo 2021

Hey and thank you for your time. Please state your name and position in the band.

Hi, I’m Fabio Attacco, the singer.

Congratulations on your second album, how does it feel to go from a tribute band to a band with 2 full-length albums out there?

We feel very proud to be able to materialise what was only an idea, and it’s fantastic to be able to follow up to “Center of the Grave”.

How did you guys meet?

In 2013, Fabio Novarese (Lead Guitar) and Alessio Scoccati (Bass), were looking for a singer for their Judas Tribute band called Priestkillers, so I joined the band in which Giulio Murgia (Drums) was active. Davide Ruffa (Guitar) joined the band in 2014, and from here on today the formation was stable.

Does your original audience still follow you?

Of course, we put gradually our songs on the tribute tracklist, so Judas fans could, step by step, appreciate our work, and united with new ones, they could compose our actual audience.

Evilizers - Promo Solar Quake 2021

What does this second album represent you as a band and as people?

This album represents our will to bring hell on the stage, to make our fans scream and shout, to make noise loud as a quake.

How has the pandemic affected the production of the album? I know that the situation in Italy where you guys are from was really bad.

We finished the mix and master of “Solar Quake” in July 2019, after having dedicated some months to the label search. We were thinking to release it in March 2020, but because of the pandemic, we decided to wait and postpone the release at the end of this tragedy. A year has passed, and we can’t wait anymore, so here we are. We live away from each other, so physically we can’t meet often: in fact, we met only twice last year, mainly because our guitarist Fabio is a male nurse on the field, and he fights Covid-19 every day.

In 2019 you did quite a lot of gigs, even outside Italy: which one/ones was your favourite one and why?

We had the honour to open a gig to Pino Scotto, an Italian Metal legend, and that was great, and I will never forget our first gig abroad in Roznava (Slovakia), and the emotion in introducing, in English, songs that I wrote for the first time.

Did being a tribute band and playing some of the best metal songs in the whole history help you shape your own songs?

Sure, for years we know what works with metalheads, thanks to Judas Priest, they are our mentors, and we know what to do in our songs to make headbangers go mad.

What inspired your second album? Are there any particular themes?

Principally, introspective analysis talks about how to turn adversity into life energy and how believing in yourself can improve you as a person, then there are a pair of songs which face the thematic relation between man and nature, and there are some classic Heavy Metal songs “stolen” from the eighties for you.

The artwork for Solar Quake is very striking, how did it come to life?

I wanted to make a cover which represents my will to explode, in the same way that I make my adrenaline explode on the stage, then, a bit by chance, I saw a documentary about the sun, and I got the idea. We contacted Mattia Nidini, his work was great, he made my idea concrete in this artwork where our symbol, reforged in fire, comes out from the centre of the sun, making a solar quake.

What is your favourite song in the album?

At this point, we can’t really say, we like and we want to test all of them in a tour, then we can answer you. I am very attached to the atmosphere of Call of Doom and Chaos Control, I think Chaos has the best vocal line that I wrote, but there are many powerful songs: Solar Quake, U.T.B., Disobey the Pain and Holy Shit are all great.

Evilizers Promo Solar Quake2021

How is the new album different from “Center of the Grave?”

Our debut “Center of the Grave” was a musical projection of the historical bands which influenced us, crafted using current sounds and dynamics. We created the songs one by one: a Judas Priest song, for example, an Iron Maiden song, a Black Sabbath song, and so on, and then we forged them according to our artistic vein, our technical background, and themes about life and the world of today. So we got songs that represent us in the best possible way. In this follow-up entitled “Solar Quake” there is definitely a progressive growth of our creative skills. And as we didn’t want just to make a copy of the previous album, we decided to give a unique imprint to the songs, finding our own way of playing Heavy Metal.

How do you write the songs? Do they start from someone or do they come to life as a collective effort?

Usually, guitarists come out with the idea, and the band develop the instrumental part of the song, then I wrote the vocal line and lyrics, then we arrange to the final production. Sometimes I’ve got a good vocal line and they build the music.

What does it mean to be in a heavy metal band in Italy in 2021? How is the scene?

Our scene is very rich, there are a lot of good bands in every genre, but it’s very difficult to emerge, now because of the pandemic, and before because there are too many expenses that years ago were borne by producers, so many good projects are forced to give up.

What have you learnt from 2020?

We learnt that we must be always ready to changes, and we must care more about the present because no one can predict what’s up in the future.

What’s next for Evilizers?

We release a lyric video for “Holy Shit” just before the album. We would have liked to release a video with outdoor shooting for “Solar Quake”, but there are restrictions that prohibit that, so we are making another lyric video waiting for the situation to improve. We want badly to play gigs, we need it, and you too.

Thank you so much for your time, is there anything else that you would like to say to Metal Rules’ readers?

Thank you too, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, we are Evilizers.

Write us on, if you want merch if you want to talk with us or for anything else!