witches – The Noise Demos

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witches – The Noise Demos
Reviewed: April 2021
Released: 2021, Bandcamp
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

For some of us, the pandemic has offered us the opportunity to gain a few pounds and get really good at Mario Kart. For others, it’s offered the opportunity to stretch some creative legs and make some music just for the sake of making music.

When the Coronavirus separated John Dadabo both literally and figuratively from his brethren in Old Bones, he decided to self record a series of tunes that wouldn’t fit within the confines of his day job, but still managed to sate some personal creative needs. Under the moniker of witches (emphasis on the lowercase “w”), Dabado has been able scratch his creative itch with a set of tunes that that summons the spirit of Red Fang, Kyuss, Clutch, and the associated latter day heroes of doom with a surprisingly tight collection of tunes. The resulting THE NOISE DEMOS is a collection of random occurrences that collectively resonate extremely well and will ultimately pose the question “why haven’t you been doing this all along?”

Opening with the instrumental “Geonosian I”, you’re immediately catapulted into a Rollins Band bassline and some smooth cosmic flanged, psych heavy guitar spice a la Howling Giant for a swinging opening statement. The companion “Geonosian II” introduces vocals almost as a secondary instrument, while boasting more menacing riffs and less optimistic themes.  “You Guys Want to See a Dead Body?” elicits memories of the film Stand By Me and swirlss with pounding rhythms and free floating solo improvisation. But it’s the closing track “I Walked Out of the Earth Just to See the Sun” that holds it all together like a musical gumbo. Part HC crossover, part COC groove, and part psychotropic field trip, it’s a crazy conclusion to an otherwise steady offering.

True – THE NOISE SESSIONS may find its origins with the recordings of a lonely lost soul. And also true, aside from the companion “Geonosian” tracks, THE NOISE SESSIONS may come across as a random scatterplot of musical exposition. But despite all odds, Dabado succeeds at producing an engaging moment in time capture of an artist dealing with his personal creative captivity.  I know that dude has a day job with Old Bones, but if the spirit moves him to create more tracks like “I Walked Out of the Earth”, I’d be a pretty happy dude.

A complete version of THE NOISE SESSIONS should be available as a name your price offering on Bandcamp by the time you’re reading this, so do yourself a solid and explore what witches has to offer. Play loud and let THE NOISE take you where it will.


Track List:
1. Geonosian I
2. Geonosian II
3. You Guys Want to See a Dead Body?
4. I Walked out of the Earth just to See the Sun


John Dadabo – All Guitars, Vocals, Bass and Drum Programming
Dan Walsh – Synths on Track 1 -Geonosian I


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