Starscape – Colony

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April 2021
March 1st, 2021 / Stormspell Records
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Starscape was initially intended to be a one-person solo project by Anton Eriksson under the moniker Pilgrim in 2015. After the release of a demo in 2017, the project started picking up steam quickly, which included Per-Okof Goranssom to the fold. The addition of Per-Olaf was just what Pilgrim needed to forge ahead with the Starscape we have now.

This Swed duo has set out from the start to create a brand of traditional heavy metal that harkens back to the 70’s and 80’s classic hard rock and metal bands they love, as we all do. That is where the lines may blur for some. What this album does do is capture the essence of what traditional heavy metal sounds like. What they do not do here is anything out of what has already been done before. So there is nothing of note that will refine said genre.

I do like that with the resurgence of modern-day traditional heavy metal; Starscape has shaped a sound for itself that cannot be mistaken for any other. While the nuances of the classic metal vibe of the ’70s are present, Starscape does seem good at giving it somewhat of a refreshing feel. Overall, COLONY has been a good listen for me as I have been delving into the vinyl bins, searching for the genre’s forefathers.

This metal genre may not be on the top of everyone’s must-have list as it has been on mine the past couple of years. Starscape does a great job of including some modern-day chugging riffs to their music. It sort of reminds me of a slower tempo Haunt or a less technical Icarus Witch. For others, Uriah Heep or Deep Purple come to mind. You need to check them out for yourselves, Starscape is on a path of traditional heavy metal righteousness, and you won’t want to be left out when the ship departs.



1. Pilgrims of the Stars
2. Interstellar
3. Colony
4. A New World
5. Not Built by Human Hands
6. Structures
7. Towards the Unknown

Anton Eriksson – All instruments
Per-Olof Göransson – Vocals