Mortify – Grotesque Buzzsaw Dismemberment

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Mortify – Grotesque Buzzsaw Dismemberment
Reviewed: March 2021
Released: 2021, HPGD Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Sometimes you just wanna get smacked around for 10 minutes, if only to feel like you’re still alive.

That’s the immediate reaction I had when listening to GROTESQUE BUZZSAW DISMEMBERMENT, the latest EP from Japanese grind trio Mortify. Sure, I’ve been in a grindcore desert for most of 2021 and I’d wager that’s got something to do with why I keep coming back to this record, BUT, it’s also pretty good on its own merits.

As much as I enjoy the more “polished” grind of say Pig Destroyer or Rotten Sound, I love, LOVE, with a capital “L” the kind of tightly wound hit n’ run nuggets that Mortify so deftly blitz through on GROTESQUE BUZZSAW DISMEMBERMENT. The riffs are tight and slathered with HM2 distortion, the drums blast like an octopus behind the kit, and the vocals run the gamut between otherworldly guttural to scathingly crust. And while it can be difficult to make a lasting impression in 60 seconds or less, tracks like the d-beat driven “Organ Terror”, the Swede-death inspired “Grabby Hands” and the slow build skank of “Mangy Mutts” all somehow manage to do just that and then some.

Collectively, the 13 tracks together seethe with controlled bursts of spastic abandon and are easy enough to consume multiple times in a single sitting. As it stands today, GROTESQUE BUZZSAW DISMEMBERMENT will be the only album from Mortify available outside of Japan that doesn’t involve a currency conversion, so if you’re at all intrigued, you should definitely check this out when our good friends at HPGD productions release this in early April.  Now please excuse me while I hit “play” one more time.


Track List:
1. Flesh Creep
2. Musty Trudge
3. Organ Terror
4. Obelisk of Suffering
5. 100 Rats
6. No Survivors
7. No! (Agathocles cover)
8. Grabby Hands
9. Brain Gurgler
10. Adhesives
11. Mangy Mutts
12. Smells of Barfs
13. Deviant


Ryo – Drums
Tak – Guitars
Adam – Vocals