Hevilan – Symphony of Good and Evil

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hevilan symphony of good and evilReviewed: March, 2021
Released: 2021, Brutal Records.
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Eight years after their shocking debut album, the Brazilian band Hevilan reappears on the scene with: SYMPHONY OF GOOD AND EVIL, a work published in mid-March that represents a second success in the career of this group. Again we listen to the trio we met in THE END OF TIME made up of: Alex Pasquale on vocals; Johnny Moraes on guitar and Biek Yohaitus on bass. The change comes in drums. Although in their debut they had the outstanding participation of the incomparable Aquiles Priester, in this new album they have Rafael Dyszy, a musician who shines with his own light.

“Rebellion of the Saints” is one of the best examples where we can hear with total clarity the enormous power that Rafael Dyszy’s drums gave to the sound of Hevilan; with moments of great groove and at the same time offering very interesting accompaniments where the double pedal takes on a life of its own in the first verses. A great inclusion to the band.

We can say that SYMPHONY OF GOOD AND EVIL is an album that borders on perfection; all it needs is for the public to listen to it and agree to give it that status. Compositively we listen to a Hevilan in great shape, making each piece not only a delight for the listener but also a challenge for the musicians as those are technically complex songs. In addition to that, the careful production of the album allows us to hear all the instruments clearly, without any drowning in the mix, which is a huge merit considering the large number of elements that they added to their music. Here the credit goes to Lasse Lammert, who was in charge of mixing and mastering. His job is to applaud him standing up.

Although the album has 12 pieces, the last four form a suite called “Symphony of Good and Evil” where the band threw the house out the window and presented perhaps the most outstanding compositional work that has been heard so far, with an innumerable amount resources ranging from choral arrangements, to orchestrations, through devastating riffs and melodies that will stay stuck in the head of whoever listens to it. In other words, we are witnessing Hevilan’s first great masterpiece, which is saying a lot, as it in no way detracts from his previous work.

Hevilan once again demonstrates why Brazil is the most advantageous scene in all of South America. SYMPHONY OF GOOD AND EVIL is undoubtedly one of the best albums that have come out so far this year and places Hevilan as a band of enormous power. It would be a real misfortune if they spent another eight years in silence, because with this album they show that they are a group of enormous talent and impact.


hevilan bandLineup:
Biek Yohaitus – Bass
Johnny Moraes – Guitars
Alex Pasquale – Vocals
Rafael Dyszy – Drums

1. Dark Paradise
2. Rebellion of the Saints
3. Great Battle
4. Here I Am
5. Always in my Dreams
Devil Within
6. Part I: Evil Approaches
7. Part II: Hammer of Gods
8. Waiting for the Right Time
Symphony of Good and Evil
9. Part I: Revelation
10. Part II: Dark Ages
11. Part III: Song of Rebellion
12. Part IV: Epilogue



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